Cold Cash For A Warm Home – An Update On Thurston Energy’s Rebate Program

thurston energy rebates
Rebates of up to 30% of the cost for weatherization improvements and materials is available through Thurston Energy.


thurston energy - thermostatIn January, ThurstonTalk published an article about ways that local home owners can put real cash back into their wallets by investing in their home’s energy efficiency.

Thurston Energy, a program of the Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC), is in the final weeks of a rebate program which can help Thurston County home owners make good investments to improve the efficiency of your home, reduce your carbon footprint, all while making your home more cozy and comfortable.

Over the past six months, Thurston Energy has processed 87 Cold Cash rebates in Thurston County.  The agency has paid out almost $100,000 in rebates – true dollars going back into Thurston County home owner’s pockets.

According to Energy Services Manager, Mark Rentfrow, Thurston Energy has generated $547,307 in private investment in the community.

Some home energy improvements are relatively inexpensive and easily to implement, but other projects, such as heating upgrades, can be quite an investment.

The rebates, both in time and total amount available, are are scheduled to expire on June 21 so act now to take advantage of these offers.

Thurston Energy offers three different rebates for Thurston County home owners.  Since each rebate builds on the other, you need to start at step one.

1. Schedule a Home Energy Audit – $200 rebate.

Using a Blower Door can help your Energy Auditor find areas where heat is escaping your home.
Using a Blower Door can help your Energy Auditor find areas where heat is escaping your home.

During a Home Energy Audit, Thurston Energy connects property owners with a trained energy expert to evaluate your home’s energy performance.  The auditor uses high-tech diagnostics, such as blower door tests and infrared photos to identify air leaks and heat loss.

Upon completing the audit, the home owner receives a complete report with cost-effective strategies to improve your home’s efficiency.

To schedule a Home Energy Audit, call Thurston Energy at 360.528.2112 or visit their website.

2. Take 30% off (up to $1,000) your weatherization bill.

Many projects, suggested by the Home Energy Audit, are simple and easy to install.   Repairs such as replacing weather stripping and air sealing around the house are quick weekend projects that provide a high return on investment.

Fill out a few forms on Thurston Energy’s website to qualify for a rebate of 30% of the costs, up to $1,000, for completing weatherization projects.

3. Upgrade your HVAC system, with 30% savings.

A more expensive project to undertake is an improvement to your heating system.  Check out new technology such as ductless heat pumps, high efficiency ducted-heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps or 95% efficiency gas furnaces.

After completing your audit and weatherizing your home, you can qualify for the HVAC improvement rebate.  Thurston Energy will recommend an approved contractor to complete the repairs.

Thurston Energy has partnered with Generations Credit Union to offer low interest loans for energy efficiency projects.  More information about this loan program is available here.

To apply for a home energy efficiency rebate, visit Thurston Energy’s website or call 360.528.2112.


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