Generations Credit Union Teams Up With Thurston Energy For Low Loans



solar panels on houseWhen Marylin Ball-Brown, President of Generations Credit Union, was considering installing solar panels on her home, she did not need to look any further for funding than her own credit union.

In partnership with Thurston Energy, Generations Credit Union is buying down the interest on loans for qualifying home energy efficiency projects.

A program of the Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC), Thurston Energy has made it a priority to create special lending options with local banks and credit unions.

Thurston County residents may be attracted to home energy efficiency projects to improve the air quality in their home, take advantage of tax rebates, lower monthly energy costs or for socially conscious reasons.  However, often one roadblock that may get in the way of home efficiency upgrades, such as installing solar panels, is the cost.

Turning to a local lending institution is often the preferred way to make a major energy improvement.

The tremendously low interest rates offered by Generations Credit Union make adding the technology that much easier.

Generations Credit Union has made it even easier for environmentally-conscious borrowers to get the funds they need for improvements and upgrades.

Interest rates as low as 2.9% are being offered to qualified buyers on loans up to $20,000.

In 2012, Generations Credit Union issued $1.2 million in loans for solar energy projects according to Ball-Brown.

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