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Dwayne Boggs incorporates community giving into his business.


duane boggs - expert photoOur first home was a 1930s beauty.  It had an expansive basement, loads of built-in cabinets, and a tremendous amount of charm.  We have cherished memories of our children’s early years in that home.

We were only the third owners of the home.  The original builder lived there with his then-newlywed wife for over sixty years.  Their family story was deep in the community but I felt that we added our own stories to the walls (both figuratively and with permanent marker).

Our family has moved on but the appeal of historic homes is something that many homebuyers seek.  They are attracted to the storied history of an older home as well as the interesting features that are often lacking in new construction.

Dwayne Boggs is a local home inspector that has been checking out homes for over 9 years.  Boggs Home Inspection Services inspects homes in Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor, and Pierce Counties.

During his two-hour inspection, Boggs will completely review a home.  He works independently, regardless of the outcome of the purchase and sale agreement.

Boggs notes that he puts the same amount of time and effort into inspections of both historic and newly constructed homes.  The issues that he sees are simply different.

“For example, the discussion about foundation cracks in a 1920s home is going to be very different than the same cracks found in a two-year-old home,” he says.  Boggs prides himself on clearly explaining the home inspection report.

“In a historical home, I may be discussing electrical issues related to knob and tube wiring,” explains Boggs.  “I will be talking about ungrounded two pole outlets as a normal method of wiring in an older a home.”

“On the flip side, historic homes have beautiful old growth cedar siding that will last forever,” he adds.  “Cedar siding, which is prohibitively costly these days, will take a lot of abuse before it shows any decay.”

Many historical home have an iconic laundry shoot.  While it’s an entertaining temptation for families with young children, Boggs would recommend that the home buyer block and seal the laundry shoot as a safety precaution.

Other issues that may occur in historic homes are limited ventilation as well as moisture issues in the basement.

Knowing what you are buying, whether it’s one year old or almost a century, is critical for homeowners.  Being able to turn to a professional, knowledgeable home inspector that will educate you about the home seals the deal.

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