Tips From Tumwater Automotive: Primary Fluids Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Efficient



Submitted by Brett Hardcastle, Tumwater Automotive and Tumwater Auto Spa

Your vehicle uses several types of fluids to operate safely and efficiently.

Two of the primary fluids are motor oil and coolant (antifreeze).

That’s why these two critical fluids are monitored on your instrument panel.

Motor oil cools your engine, seals your engine from dirt, lubricates to prevent wear, and keeps impurities like moisture in suspension. If you lose your oil pressure you may only have a few seconds to shut your engine down before major damage occurs. Motor oils have additives that burn off with use, especially at high temperatures. Failure to change your oil in many vehicles causes sludge. Not maintaining your oil within your owner’s manual recommended limits can get expensive – very expensive!!!

Your engine coolant, also known as anti-freeze, comes in at a very close second place in importance to your oil. If your engine overheats, turn off the engine before damage occurs. Your engine coolant plays a critical part in removing heat from your engine. There is enough heat in your engine cylinders to actually melt the metal in your engine. The only reason your engine does not melt down or seize up is because your coolant is so great at removing that heat quickly from critical areas. It is the job of your radiator, water pump, hoses and thermostat to control and move this critical fluid properly so it can do its job the way the vehicle designers intended. Any flaw in this system can put you and your vehicle on the side of the road with steam coming out from under the hood.

Failure to keep your coolant fresh and vital can be costly to your engine. Ask your shop the cost of a new or rebuilt engine and/or internal parts and you’ll find out about the saying,, “…ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.”

So, if you see your engine temperature gauge go up higher than it usually does, see the engine heat light come on or see other signs like steam from under the hood of your vehicle get it looked at right away. Stop as soon as it is safe to do so and call for help or a tow truck.

Warm summer temperature damage can show up later in the cold of winter. Check your vehicle NOW for safe fall and winter driving. That includes new belts and hoses.

We are prepared to help you!

1. We will alert you to needed maintenance and repairs.

2. We will listen to you and your car, using our trained knowledge, searching for the little things that soon grow to be big problems.

3. We have the equipment to service today’s sophisticated vehicles.

4. We have the years of experience, training and access to the information to avoid the inconveniences along the road.

Just give us a call and trust us to treat you and your vehicle as part of the Tumwater Automotive family – a legacy of caring for others. We pick you up and take you back to work or home five days a week. And, we’re nice people too!

Feel free to call us for advice. Many of your co-workers already do!

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Brett Hardcastle is the owner of Tumwater Automotive, located at 6020 Capitol Blvd. SE. Brett and his staff can be reached at (360) 943-9097, Mon-Fri – 7 am -5:30 pm, with free shuttle to and from home or work. Visit our Tumwater Auto Spa Car Wash next door to keep your vehicle looking good and running great—inside and out.  The Spa is open daily Mon-Sat. 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (winter hours).  

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