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This week, I would like to draw your attention to our History tab.  Tucked away in the upper right hand corner of our home page, this little link should likely get more attention.  On Friday, I brainstormed story ideas with a member of the state’s heritage community.  The depth of interesting content excites me.  Look for a story or two this month about spooky places to visit during Halloween.  And then expect to see us turn around and profile an interesting historical figure.  Review our History section from time to time and see what we have uncovered.   Here are a few favorites that demonstrate the wide variety of history content you can expect from ThurstonTalk.

KGY Radio – Four Generations Of History in Olympia (photos and article)

The KGY radio building in an Olympia landmark, over Budd Inlet.  The radio station, in it’s fourth generation of local ownership, is continuing to evolve.  Read about the history of the station as well as what is ahead for the organization.

Tumwater Falls Park Celebrates 50 Years

On Sunday, a grand celebration will occur at Tumwater Falls Park to highlight the salmon migration.  Before you stop in, read about the history of the park and the contribution that the Olympia Tumwater Foundation makes to our community by owning and operating the park.  For more photos of the park, click here.

Rebecca Howard Honored With Mural In Downtown Olympia

Rebecca Howard is one of Thurston County’s early prominent African-American residents.  She operated a restaurant and boarding house in the early days of Olympia.  She is honored with a mural on the south side of the building on Capitol Way in between Olympia and State streets that is currently home to the Bread Peddler.


ThurstonTalk aims to be your source for positive information and events happening in Olympia.  If you have a suggestion for a story, send us a note at  For more events and to learn what’s happening in Olympia and the surrounding area, click here.

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