Vivala Olympia!



How can you shop local, be green and look fabulous all at the same time?  By shopping at Vivala across from the Farmer’s Market!

Open since 2006, Vivala (pronounced Vee Va Lah) is the brainchild of Cheryl Selby, who envisioned the store when she was a mom with two young daughters at home. Cheryl was looking to create a unique shopping environment that would inspire, intrigue and  appeal to likeminded women in the community.

“You can find something no matter what stage of life you’re in,” says Cheryl of the store’s active lifestyle clothing and accessories.  Merchandise is meticulously selected for its low maintenance, practicality and stylishness.  Pieces are hand-selected and staff members personally test the products.

Since Vivala is all about embracing the local community, some of its best products are actually customer recommended.

Preferred clothing brands at Vivala include Prana, Aventura, LOLE, and Tommy Bahama among others.  The shop prides itself on offering unique and one of a kind brand names in the Olympia area.

Not only does Cheryl choose her merchandise carefully, her staff is thoughtfully selected as well.

Cheryl says that, “the women who work at Vivala are connected in their communities, have active lifestyles and give back,” which is exactly what Cheryl hopes to inspire in her customers.  Each employee is specially featured on the website under the title “Vivaladies.”

Customers get a taste of Cheryl’s ardent personality from the moment they enter the store.

“I want shoppers to feel like they are in my house or living room,” she says.  Colors are warm and inviting, merchandise is artfully arranged, and the general ambiance is welcoming and joyful.  Fabrics are chosen for their “touchability” and inspirational messages peek out from every corner of the store.

With a degree in textiles and a passion for supporting her community, Cheryl’s personal history paved the way for Vivala’s distinct atmosphere.  She is enthusiastically involved in the community surrounding the store and is an active member of five different local boards.

Being green is another one of Vivala’s aspirations.   “I have a low carbon footprint mantra; I am aware of the impact retailers have on the environment,” Cheryl asserts.

Reusable gift-wrap is always offered at no charge with the hope that each component will be recycled in future projects.  Shopping bags are also eco-friendly.  Despite the significant markup compared to conventional bags, Cheryl is adamant that her products do not further litter  the environment.  She is also part of a movement to remove single use plastic bags in Thurston County

Vivala boasts a prime location right in the heart of the downtown community.  Sitting across from the Farmers Market, the boutique enjoys traffic from locals and tourists alike.  Cheryl asserts that supporting local businesses is key to a thriving community.  Shop owners and even employees have a vested interest in the well being of their surroundings. “Vivala belongs to my customers and staff who love it and want it to succeed,” says Cheryl.  A satellite location at Tumwater Valley Athletic Club opened in January of this year as well.

In addition to unique women’s apparel and accessories, Vivala holds monthly workshops, two fashion shows a year and even hosts a holiday party.  Free workshops, which highlight a guest speaker, are offered from September through May.  Upcoming workshops can be found on the website.

The term vivala means “long live” or “hurray for.”  Filling in the rest of the phrase is up to each customer to decide.  A favorite “Vivalism” says it all, “Begin, the rest is easy.”

For more inspiration on how to shop local, be green and look fabulous, stop in at Vivala, 111 Market Street, directly across the street from the Farmer’s Market, or visit the website at

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