No Doubt About It! Black Hills High School Golfer Stephanie Roloff Will Have a Stellar Season!


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Stephanie, Second From The Left, Enjoying Golf With Her Fellow Team Members

By Anne Larsen

Spring sports in the Pacific Northwest can be torture! It’s wet, dark, wet, dark….and really, really wet! I don’t play golf, but in my mind, if I did….well it would be sunny, dry, and very scenic. That is not what the Tumwater Valley Golf course looked like this past Monday when I interviewed Black Hills High School (BHS) golfer Stephanie Roloff. It wasn’t “raining” out, but the course was certainly wet and everyone was wearing hoody sweatshirts, rubber boats and hats (I thought golf involved polo shirts and Bermuda shorts!). Stephanie and her teammates let me tag along at practice for a bit, and I learned that Stephanie is not only a great golfer, but a mature, smart girl that will certainly achieve any goal she sets for herself on or off the golf course.

Stephanie started playing golf about 10 years ago. She would go out and hit balls with her dad and it was “just fun to play with him.” In high school she really started to see herself improve and really started getting into the game. Every year she has found herself improving more and more and surprises herself on the golf course.  Taking that big first step from a “social” player with her dad to trying out for the BHS team was a nerve wracking experience (of course!), but she got the nerves under control and overcame the fear. “I have the ability to block out everyone else around me.” Her Sophomore year she made it to state, and last year she made it to the second day of state. This year she hopes to make it further than last, and her coach Dale Reeves has the confidence that she can do just that.  Coach Reeves has been coaching girls golf at BHS for 10 years, and this is his fourth year coaching Stephanie. He describes Stephanie as a “quiet leader and  solid player for all 4 years.” As her coach he has seen her continue to progress and move up. She played in the #1 group last year and had progressed up to the #1 player spot by the end of the year.  State will be in Spokane this year, and Coach Reeves predicts Stephanie will hit mid 80’s at state – low 40’s in the first round.

In her training and practices Stephanie works on not getting overwhelmed by every little detail. She’ll focus on a few technique skills and not about every other little component. This year specifically she’d like to improve her short game and really put in the time and focus on that. “My long game is solid” and she feels that as her short game improves  her confidence will grow.  “She has really improved on her short game. Stephanie has no problem getting the ball up around the green and consistently playing in the mid 40’s.” Coach Reeves

What differentiates Stephanie is that she knows what part of the game to take seriously. “Some players take every little thing to seriously and other players don’t take things seriously enough.” Her coach credits her internal drive and focus on doing well.  “Stephanie is constantly improving herself and putting the time in to achieve her goals. She’s just a real coachable kid, that is fun on the team and has great integrity.” Coach Reeves

When Stephanie is not out on the course hitting balls you can find her studying, working and trying to squeeze in those volunteer hours! She’s a student at SPSCC in the Running Start Program and will transfer to a 4 year college next year. She wants to major in international studies and cultural studies. Finding enough time is a struggle – she balances her Running Start classes with one class at BHS, and weekends are absorbed with dance, soccer and work. But if there is one trait that Stephanie exhibits on the course and off is that she is “mature, comfortable around everyone, and just a nice, bright kid.” Coach Reeves. I can attest to that, she kept me on task about emailing her!  Coach Reeves thinks she could play golf at a Division 2 school if she chooses to take that route, and Stephanie is certainly willing to see where everything fits into her opportunities.

Stephanie’s advice for the rest of us? “Don’t doubt yourself and don’t second guess yourself. ”  Well said Stephanie. We have NO doubt that you will succeed! Have a great season!

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