Crews on 24-Hour Shifts: City of Olympia street crews are on 24-hour shifts.  Their primary focus is on lifeline roads and major hills.  Lifeline roads are the main routes that fire, police and transit use.  Olympia has five dump trucks, that have been outfitted with snow plows.


Avoid Hills: Due to heavy and wet snow, hills should be avoided. Please do not drive around road closed signs.


Expect Snow Berms: Due to the amount of snow being pushed by plows, residents should expect snow berms across driveways and neighborhood streets.


Garbage Collection: City crews are attempting to reach regular Tuesday customers, however some areas may not be accessible.  Leave your cart at the curb if not collected.


Olympia Parks Classes Cancelled.  All Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation classes and activities are cancelled for Tuesday, January 17.


What you can do to help in case of snow and ice:

  • As with any emergency, have on hand a minimum three-day supply of food and medication for you, your family, and any family pets.
  • Check on your neighbors, especially elderly or shut-in neighbors.
  • If physically possible for you, clean the storm drains near your home to keep the water from melting snow flowing.
  • Keep a snow shovel and a container of sand in the trunk of your car and in your garage or home.
  • Clear the sidewalk in front of your home or business.
  • Only drive if it’s essential, or take the bus if you must go somewhere.
  • Do not drive around road closed signs – the road is closed for your safety.
  • Expect and be prepared for power outages.  Heavy snow could knock down trees and power lines.


Other reminders:


Buildings with Flat Roofs: Owners/managers of buildings with flat roofs are reminded to remove snow and ice from drain scuppers (roof drains) so that thawing water can flow and relieve weight pressure.


Awnings/Carports.  Business owners with commercial awnings or residents with porch or patio coverings or carports, please check snow and ice load, sagging and building separation. Remove accordingly, or block entry if needed.


Generator Warning.  Do not use outdoor heating or cooking appliances or generators in your home due to the potential build-up of deadly carbon monoxide gas.


Information about what we use:

Salt Brine Anti-Icing Agent. When snow is predicted, a salt brine anti-icing agent is applied to Olympia’s lifeline roads and hills before the snow begins to fall.  This helps to keep snow and ice from sticking to roadway surfaces for easier removal. The salt brine is a combination of whey, salt and molasses. Whey is used in place of water because it contains salt naturally, which requires less salt additive. Molasses is used to help adhere the solution to the road surface. The molasses causes some temporary staining, but it washes as the snow and ice melt.


Sand/Salt Mixture. City crews also apply a sand/salt mixture, especially at intersections and on hills and inclines to help with traction.

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