Spiral Café Transforms Yelm With Cozy Environment


yelm spiral cafeTamborine Borrelli, a Yelm resident for the past four years, is transforming the building that previously housed the Yelm Senior Center.  Gone are the 3,000 square feet of green walls and garage concrete floors.  In its place, Borrelli has added the biggest and only bamboo dance floor in Yelm, hand painted spirals in rich colors cover the rest of the main floor, cozy nooks with couches and big comfy chairs are found throughout.  An elevated private dining area with its own 51” flat screen, picturesque 18’ corner- front window space with a hand crafted raw maple bar to set your food and drink on rounds out the space. Borrelli had always envisioned Spiral to be a destination with many activities in one place in an inviting, warm atmosphere.  “When people walk in, I want them to feel like they are coming to a friend’s house,” remarked Borrelli.

yelm spiral cafeBorrelli chose the café’s name from a shape and design that has always attracted her.  “When I learned about the Fibonacci spiral I saw that no matter how different and vast nature is, it all carried a common thread within this geometry.  This spiral is found throughout nature – in trees, vegetables, seashells, star systems, even in our DNA.  It just made sense to name it Spiral with what I am creating here – a welcoming place that creates a common thread with anyone who visits Spiral Café, no matter how vastly different we are,” explained Borrelli.  “I want people to know that there is a place in Yelm that they can come to, have delicious home style food or meet friends for a drink, hear great music, dance, and not worry that a beer brawl is going to bust out… it’s just not that kind of party,” continued Borrelli.

Borrelli has been focused on remodeling the building since December 2010. Since the soft opening in late July 2011, Borrelli has taken on partner Enrique Alcantara to assist in the expansion and remodel of the kitchen for Spirals new rotisserie menu. “We are in the last stage of the remodel and expect to be open in the next two weeks.  Next, we will focus on a little facelift on the outside of the building. Enrique and I are going to add Mediterranean arches with warm sconce lighting so people can drive by and see what a beautiful town they live in,” described Borrelli.  During the remodeling process, Borrelli and Alcantara have added two new countertops to cook Yelm’s only all-natural rotisserie chicken.  Borrelli is sourcing chickens from Washington farms and ensuring the meat is free from hormones and antibiotics. “You can expect to have all the home style fixings along with garlic mashers, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes with onions and Caribbean style vegetable rice,” explained Borrelli.

“My favorite menu item is Borrelli’s authentic pasta.  It’s my Dad’s recipe and there is none that compares. It’s what love tastes like,” commented Borrelli.  She explained that it cooks for five hours, using Yelm’s Stewart’s Meats in the sauce and produce from local, organic farms.  Other menu items include smoothies, organic espresso from Batdorf and Bronson, tossed salads, two signature soups, wraps, and gyros.

yelm spiral cafeSpiral Café’s list of activities will include the very popular Zumba classes taught by Rachael Martinez on Wednesdays and Saturdays and flat screen TV’s for year round sports enthusiasts.  In addition, Latin Night, held on the third Saturday of each month, includes a complimentary salsa dance class.  Then, dance to the best in merengue, salsa and cumbia music.  Local musicians are invited to Open Mic jam nights to have a place to play together and to entertain Yelm’s music lovers.   Jam nights will be held on Thursdays from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.  Spiral Café is available for catering and party rentals for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, holiday parties, business meetings and conferences.  Also, watch for upcoming free movie nights with flick titles displayed on Spiral’s marquee mounted on the building.  Borrelli plans on showing old favorites once a week.

yelm spiral cafeSpiral Café, located at 201 E. Yelm Ave., will be open Monday – Saturday from 11:30 am – 9:30 pm.  During football season, Spiral Café will be open on Sunday as well.  Special event rentals are available.


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