Taste the Sustainable Food Revolution for Yourself at the Lacey Library:


This Thursday at noon the Lacey Timberland Library (500 College Street SE Lacey, WA 98503) will be hosting an event called, “Focus On Food: Local, Sustainable, and Delicious.” Sponsored by the Olympia Food Co-op and Olympia’s Slow Food chapter, this event is a part of the South Sound organization’s Food Summit series. This series centers around healthy ways to wean yourself and your loved ones off of processed foods, how to grow your own sustainable backyard crop, and buy quality local products. In addition, for those who desire more in-depth information, the series also includes workshops on gathering local edible plants and mushrooms in the wild, sustainably harvesting coastal shellfish and more.


The previously mentioned installment of this program, taking place in the Lacey Library, will be a tame and tasty introduction to sustainable cooking. A wide range of dishes will be available to sample pot-luck style, followed by an informative panel discussion. This event will give you the perfect introduction to transforming your lifestyle as it pertains to food. Good luck, get healthy, and happy eating!


For more information please call: (360) 491-3860


For a schedule of more events in the Food Summit series: http://www.sustainablesouthsound.org/2011/09/focus-on-food-events-at-timberland-regional-libraries/


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