Save Money on L&I Insurance


The Thurston County Chamber has teamed up with the Greater Vancouver Chamber (GVCC Retro) to offer Thurston County businesses one of our state’s most successful Retro programs.


A Retro program is a way for qualifying employers to reduce industrial insurance costs through refunds from the State of Washington.


The GVCC retail & professional group members’ last refund was 32%. The GVCC manufacturing group’s last refund was 30%. Qualifying employers include architects, CPA’s, non-profits, attorneys, associations, consultants, retailers, manufacturers and others.


By joining the GVCC Retro program thru the Chamber organizations can…

  • Lower risk
  • Improve industrial insurance rates
  • Have claims settled swiftly and appropriately
  • Reduce workload related to L&I claim management
  • Receive risk management and loss control services to assist in cost containment
  • Receive refunds of varying percentages of annual premiums
  • Receive assistance in managing organizational safety programs


For a free assessment, complete a simple electronic form with a handful of questions, and return it with a signature to the Chamber via fax at 360.357.3376.


For questions call 360.357.3362 or email

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