Mason and Thurston County State Farm Agent Melanie Bakala Says a Little Device Can Make a Big Difference to Monitor Possible Home Hazards

smartphone with the Ting app on it sitting next to a white Ting device against a black background
After being plugged into a home’s outlet, homeowners can use the Ting app to monitor for potential electrical fire hazards. Photo courtesy: State Farm Melanie Bakala

Potential electrical fires are a silent hazard that not many homeowners think about day to day, and warning signs may not appear until a fire ignites and damages the home. To address this risk, State Farm and Whisker Labs are offering Ting, a small, yet innovative device that spots potential dangers in home electrical systems, like loose outlets or malfunctioning appliances, before they become a major problem. According to State Farm, Ting has spotted and alleviated electrical fire hazards in thousands of homes in the United States.

diagram of a house outline on a piece of a paper with a white cord and smartphone on it
Ting is a small device that spots potential dangers in home electrical systems before turning into a major issue. Photo credit: Molly Walsh

Similar to the shape of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector, Ting is a small device that only takes a few minutes to set up and plugs into any outlet of a home. Homeowners can then connect their smartphone to the device via Bluetooth and view their home’s electrical system through the accompanying Ting app.

Ting will monitor for potential hazards, including issues that can develop over time, and will provide a warning to the homeowner if the risk of an electrical fire appears. If a home hazard is detected by Ting and repair is needed, Whisker Labs will pay up to $1,000 toward labor expenses to resolve the problem.

Mason and Thurston County State Farm Homeowners Customers Can Help Protect Their Home With Ting

Currently, State Farm is providing Ting and three years of service for free to eligible customers. State Farm Insurance Agent Melanie Bakala is excited that State Farm is thinking ahead and innovating new ways for homeowners to protect their homes and spot possible dangers before they turn catastrophic.

“I think as technology improves, taking advantage of some of these options to mitigate problems that we can’t see, it just makes sense,” says Bakala. “And again, I’m so impressed with State Farm being so ahead of the curve and offering this along with Ting to our customers. It’s just a really cool thing.”

To be eligible for Ting, Bakala says customers must have an active non-tenant homeowner’s policy with State Farm. To learn more about eligibility for a no cost Ting device, customers can log into their State Farm account or contact their State Farm Insurance agent.

To contact Melanie Bakala and associates for a quote, questions or to learn more about Ting, visit the Melanie Bakala State Farm website or call 360.426.2428 (Shelton) or 360.972.7905 (Lacey).


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