There are wellness treatments for your face, skin and hair. Day spas for the body and retreats for the mind and spirit. At Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center, they offer an atmosphere of tranquility and services that keep you feeling your best inside and out. With expanded springtime hours and added treatment options, there’s something for everyone.

Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center  waiting room with leather chairs and a lamp
At Olympia’s Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center, they offer services to pamper, refresh and recharge inside and out. Photo courtesy: Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center

Owner Stacy McIntyre is excited for this vibrant, busy period. “Word of mouth is definitely a huge part of our growth,” she says. “Our clients are so amazing, and they love to share their positive experiences with their friends on and off of social media. We are blessed to have an amazing community of great medical professionals that also refer their patients to us for different types of therapies.”

From the start, Rejuvenate’s IV Drips have been customer favorites. “Our IV therapies are continuously growing in popularity,” says Stacy. “The Myers’ Cocktail has always been the Gold Standard and continues to be. This drip is designed with the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to support your body with chronic symptoms, including on-going pain, migraines, muscle pain, depression, asthma and more. It includes vitamin B12, B complex, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc.”

There are other drips formulated for performance and recovery, immunity support, weight loss support, hydration, headache reduction and healthy skin. These can also be paired with intramuscular injections for energy, immunity, fat burning, mood enhancement, and vitamin or mineral supplements.

But the clinic is more than just IV hydration, as the name states, it’s also a wellness center. They also have an on-site Integrative Nurse Coach. “The Integrative Nurse Coach promotes wellness and resiliency by guiding clients to deepen their connection to inner healing and their capacity to make meaningful choices,” Stacy explains. “Together the client and Integrative Nurse Coach work together to help establish realistic goals and strategies for the client to learn and sustain healthier lifestyle behaviors. The Integrative Nurse Coach gives the client the time and space to tell their story, discuss their barriers, and support the client with each step towards a life of wellness.”

Patient room with beds and an Emsculpt machine at Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center
They even offer Emsculpt Neo, a noninvasive procedure used to build muscle and reduce body fat. Photo courtesy: Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center

Weight loss support is also available through Emsculpt Neo. Stacy describes it as a non-invasive procedure that uses radio frequency heating and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to build muscle and reduce body fat. She also hopes to add cosmetic Botox by June 2022.

Until then they offer therapeutic Botox, which Stacy explains is used to help with “TMJ, fibromyalgia, migraines, tension headaches or orofacial pain due to trauma, excessive physical stress, arthritis of TMJ, whiplash injury, psychosocial distress (stress), jaw abnormalities, bruxism, muscles and or neurologic issues. This is by appointment only and is usually done on Mondays with Kelly Deweese, RN, Certified Injector, contact the office to schedule your appointment.”

You may have seen the Hydration Station party bus at community activities and get-togethers around town. “We have had some amazing personal events as well as the Strawberry Festival 2021 and public events in other cities. We are hoping for more amazing and fun events coming this Spring and Summer.”

Not sure which Rejuvenate service or formulation is right for you? “Honestly, this time of year is good for anything,” says Stacy. “You have people that are working out and taking care of themselves that would benefit from the Performance and Recovery; people are traveling again which requires a boost to their immune system which the Immunity drip and Tri-Immune boost shots are perfect for; then there are those that just need that overall boost to their health, that is where our Myers’ Cocktail followed by a Glutathione push comes in! If you don’t know what is right for you, that is not a problem, we have well trained staff to guide you through the process of deciding what is good for you.”

waiting room atRejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center with three leather chairs, table and lamp
From hydration therapy and therapeutic or cosmetic Botox to Integrative Nurse Coaching, Rejuvenate is happy to suggest treatment plans tailored for your needs. Photo courtesy: Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center

Springtime is truly a season of renewal and at Rejuvenate things are going strong. “We are hoping for more growth and offerings for our clients,” says Stacy. “We are always looking to provide them with the most up-to-date services possible. Our staff continues to grow, our open hours are growing, April will bring Fridays from 12 to 6 p.m., giving our clients five days a week to get in and get their treatments, and our services will also continue to grow. We are even looking for a new larger location to better serve our clients later this year.”

You can follow the Center on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or read reviews through Yelp. “Our website is the most reliable and up-to-date location for what Rejuvenate has to offer. We also try and send out at least one Newsletter per month with some kind of text message announcement as well. We also now have our very own Rejuvenate Rewards app that is a great resource to all the current specials. Anyone that signs up for the app will get a great Welcome Offer olympia.repeatmd.com is where you can sign up.”

Spring is a season of renewal and Rejuveante IV Hydration & Wellness Center is there for you. Schedule an appointment online or call 360.489.1558 to refresh and renew today.


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