Submitted by TOGETHER!

Last fall, Kiehl Northwest reached out to TOGETHER! to support our Community Schools work in Tumwater. A local software company, Kiehl Northwest (KNW) opened its doors in 2007, and now works extensively throughout the surrounding areas with many government offices and private businesses.

Committed to giving back, Kiehl Northwest has been supporting local nonprofits on a small-scale for years, and as they’ve grown, their ability to invest in their community has too. When COVID hit “we really felt it was time to do more” says Chief Financial Officer Kristy King. “Our Administrative team researched a large variety of local non-profits, and TOGETHER was on that list,” says King.  “We were drawn to TOGETHER because it felt well-rounded and included physical and mental health, individuals and family, academics, and placed an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.”

“Kristy reached out to us last fall,” says TOGETHER! Deputy Director Meghan Sullivan, “and after just one conversation I knew this relationship was going to be different. Kiehl has been incredible to work with, and they are committed to making strategic investments to deepen the impact.” KNW has not only sponsored matching fund initiatives, helping to triple incoming donations, but they’ve committed to ongoing investments throughout the year. “In uncertain times, this is exactly the kind of partnership Tumwater Community Schools needs to ensure students and families can access essentials like school supplies, medical care, and housing,” continues Sullivan.

Kiehl Northwest started small with just its owner and one employee. Through building relationships within the community and with its stakeholders, KNW was able to grow into the business it is today.  “We believe it’s our responsibility and honor to give back, and to help other amazing organizations grow,” says King.  “As nonprofits and businesses grow so does our community and so do the support systems within the community.”

So who is KNW, and what do they do? “We deliver solutions, services and strategy tailored to meet clients’ critical business needs,” says King. “We partner with our clients to develop new software solutions as well as maintain, improve, extend and optimize existing systems.  In other words, we create software programs that can do anything from helping an individual register for a license to analyzing statistics on education.”

Through KNW’s strategic investments in the Tumwater Community Schools program, including sponsoring the upcoming TOGETHER! Fore Kids golf tournament, they’re playing a part in helping to close the opportunity gap for students experiencing poverty, homelessness, and other significant barriers.

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