You might suspect to find only Volkswagens at Volkswagen of Olympia. But this is far from the truth. Recently Volkswagen of Olympia has made a new name for themselves. Proudly displayed at the top of their building located in the Olympia Auto Mall reads, “Volkswagen of Olympia, Pre-owned Superstore. All Makes, All Models, Imports, & RVs.”

Volkswagen of Olympia front of store
Volkswagen of Olympia has added a banner to their building that clearly connects them to the pre-owned superstore. Photo credit: Roy Miranda

Prior to their new branding, Volkswagen of Olympia stood next door to another seemingly separate dealership called South Sound Trucks and Awesome RVs. Contrary to popular belief, Volkswagen of Olympia and South Sound Trucks and Awesome Rvs were different sections of the same dealership.  “It has always been one big location for us,” shares Roy Miranda, sales manager at Volkswagen of Olympia. “The way it was at the new Volkswagen store where I’m at, we had pre-owned certified and new Volkswagens on the lot. Then next door was South Sounds Trucks which was a lifted truck store with pre-owned vehicles and RVs. Even though we would tell people ‘oh that’s our store too, we’re a part of one big auto group.’ It never clicked in their minds. When they would pull up, they would either see Volkswagen or South Sound Trucks and would think we were two separate businesses.”

Roy shares that changing their branding to Volkswagen of Olympia, Pre-owned Superstore, has created a stronger sense of unification between the pre-owned lot and the new lot and diminished the customer confusion.

With nearly 300 yards of main street store frontage, Volkswagen of Olympia and their Pre-owned Superstore have a wide variety of vehicles. “On my Volkswagen lot I have certified and brand-new Volkswagens,” explains Roy. “Next store we have all makes and models, including highlines like BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and Mini Coopers. Don’t forget too, we are the only authorized Winnebago dealer in Thurston County.” Roy laughs and adds that you can basically find everything at Volkswagen of Olympia, Pre-Owned Superstore except for boats.

volkswagen of Olympia bluish lexus
Volkswagen of Olympia always has a large selection of new and used cars, like the Lexus. Photo credit: Roy Miranda

Currently Volkswagen of Olympia, Preowned Superstore has about 100 to 130 new vehicles and roughly the same number of used vehicles. “Looking at our dealership as a whole, we have six stores and other locations, so we can sell from any of those other stores as well,” shares Roy. Because of the large amount of space and wide variety of vehicles at Volkswagen of Olympia, Pre-owned Superstore there is a broad range of prices accessible to a diversity of budgets. “We have vehicles priced at $3,999 all the way to $50-60,000 Jaguars on the lot,” explains Roy.

You can rest assured that if you are buying a vehicle From Volkswagen of Olympia, Pre-owned Superstore that it will be in pristine condition. “We don’t ever buy wrecked cars or brand-new title cars. They’re all going to have clean CARFAX. We show the CARFAX of every single pre-owned car we sell,” shares Roy.

Roy tells me that they are selling cars just a quick as they are getting them in, especially those highline cars. “Most other stores are going to carry one maybe two high-end vehicles, we have at least five to six Audis on the lot, a few BMWs, a few Mercedes and Porsche. It’s not just one to choose from. We are getting people from Bellevue coming down for our cars.”

Volkswagen of Olympia white audi
Volkswagen of Olympia Pre-owned superstore is a proud seller of multiple high end vehicles like this Audi Photo credit: Roy Miranda

Roys shares some more exciting news happening at Volkswagen of Olympia, Pre-owned Superstore, “We are now going to be servicing vehicles, even the high-end cars. We bought all the electronic equipment and all the tools necessary to be able to service cars fully,” he explains. “Some people that have BMWs or Mercedes that are pre-owned, have to go to an independent shop or go up to BMW or Mercedes up in Tacoma to get any kind of service for it. Why not go to a main dealership to get those cars serviced now that we can do it?”

If you are interested in seeing the vehicles currently being sold at Volkswagen of Olympia, Pre-Owned Superstore you can check their inventory out online or stop by the Olympia Auto Mall, the biggest collaborative dealership in the state of Washington, and visit their dealership.

Volkswagen of Olympia Pre-Owned Superstore
2107 Cooper Point Road SW, Olympia
Monday – Saturday: 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


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