AJB Landscaping Saves the Day for Military Wife with Escape Artist Huskies


It was 10:00 p.m. and pouring rain when Kristin Edmonds went searching for her two Siberian Huskies. For the fifth time that week, they’d escaped from her fenced yard, hopping over a section that was curling back on itself.

AJB Landscaping dog escape fence
Kristin Edmonds’s Siberian huskies were escaping from her yard 5 times a week before AJB repaired her fence. Photo courtesy: AJB Landscaping

As Kristin and her 5-year-old son plodded through the downpour, she took a photo of the fence and sent it to her husband, who was deployed overseas. They’d bought the house sight unseen after getting one month’s notice from the U.S. Army that they were moving. “When we got here, there were so many problems,” she says. “There was water in the walls and flooding in the downstairs bathroom, but the biggest problem was the fence. It was totally falling apart.”

The issue wasn’t just aesthetic. With two highly intelligent and active Huskies intent on exploring the neighborhood, the fence was a major liability, especially with Kristin’s husband overseas. “He’s the disciplinarian,” she explains. “He deployed and all hell broke loose. They started jumping over the fence rather than going under. There was nothing I could do because the top of the fence was so bowed.”

She began locking the dogs in the laundry room during the day, but that only made matters worse. The bathroom was still flooding, she was picking up after the dogs four times a day, and parenting her son alone, all while coping with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia. “Basically, my nervous system is really bad,” Kristin shares. “I get fatigued, nauseous and lightheaded.” Something had to give, and the fence won.

A quick Google search revealed AJB Landscaping & Fence had by far the best online reviews, so Edmonds called them. The first time she met Estimator and Project Manager Ron Garceau there was an immediate rapport. “He was more excited than I was when we got the loan to fix the fence,” she says. “He saw how stressed I was.”

AJB’s team was able to quickly fix the problem fence, allowing Kristin to keep her dogs safe and removing her greatest source of stress.

Despite a packed schedule, AJB arranged with another client to push their appointment back so they could take care of the Edmonds’ fence right away. “They ended up coming within three days of the time I called them,” she says. “It only took them three days to complete the entire 11,000 square feet.”

She appreciated the team’s professionalism and incredible service. “They landscaped and chainsawed out all the vines that were hanging over the fence,” says Kristin. “Ron told them, ‘You be good to her. She’s a military wife.’ That doesn’t happen as often as people might think.”

Things are different since the fence has been repaired. “It has changed my life,” she adds. “I tell Ron that it’s given me the peace of mind so my focus can be on fixing the inside of this crazy house. They took away my biggest stressor and I’m just so grateful to them.”

To learn more, visit the AJB Landscaping & Fence website or call 360-789-3707.


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