In the Pacific Northwest, cedar is king. Historically, local tribes used every part of the tree, making clothes and baskets from its bark and carving canoes from its wood. Today, cedar is still immensely popular in the region particular as fencing. Cedar fencing is in high demand among customers of AJB Landscaping & Fence, says owner Aaron Borden. “It’s by far the most common. Cedar fencing is probably about 40 percent of what we do.”

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AJB Landscaping & Fence Services can help with any landscaping and/or fencing needs. Getting both done by the same company ensures the looks will blend nicely. Photo credit: AJB Landscaping & Fence Services

Fencing is just one of the services that AJB provides, including cedar, chain link or vinyl options, and automatic and security gate installations. Each type of fencing has its own strengths. Among hardwoods, cedar has several advantages over other materials. The wood is extremely durable and able to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Natural oils help to protect it from insect damage and rotting, meaning it lasts longer than softer woods without requiring a sealant or any other treatment, a feature those seeking a more natural approach appreciate.

It’s also useful for homeowners seeking privacy, says Borden. “A lot of people like cedar for privacy and aesthetics.” It tends to retain its shape without warping or shrinking, meaning a cedar fence will look great for a long time. AJB Landscaping offers a longer warranty for cedar fences than many, says Borden. “We go above and beyond the typical fencing package,” he adds.

While cedar is one of the more durable woods, there’s no beating metal when it comes to strength and serving as an effective barrier. AJB offers chain link fencing for customers focused on security and keeping costs down. “It’s more affordable,” says Borden. Chain link requires no maintenance and is impervious to insect damage or rotting. It’s also quick to install and can be upgraded simply by adding a vinyl covering.

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Cedar fencing can make a beautiful and private boundary around your home. Photo courtesy: AJB Landscaping

Vinyl itself is nearly five times as strong as wood and proves effective in tough weather conditions. Fences made of vinyl tend to be the most expensive, but are the longest lasting and offer the highest degree of privacy, says Borden. “They’ll look brand new all the time, and now vinyl is getting more affordable.”

Generally, vinyl fences require little maintenance beyond a bit of cleaning with soap and water. They’re also not treated with harmful or toxic chemicals, increasing their appeal for those interested in green building.

Regardless of which option homeowners choose, AJB provides exceptional service, Borden maintains. In one case, they accidentally cracked a water line moving some plants in order to install a cedar fence for a client. “We stayed there until 7:00 p.m. fixing her water line,” he says. “We didn’t charge her for that. We’ll do grade work or other extras that a lot of other companies will charge for.”

To learn more, visit the AJB Landscaping & Fence website or call 360-789-3707.


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