Toyota of Olympia Offers Value, Selection and Service When Buying a Used Car

Toyota of Olympia
Toyota of Olympias new dealership in Tumwater offers plenty of space for the wide variety of pre-owned cars they offer.

Shopping for a used car? If it’s a Toyota you are in the market for, it’s a no-brainer to head to Toyota of Olympia. However, if you are looking for another brand, the long-time local business still has you covered with a wide selection of used cars on their spacious new lot in Tumwater, they have many makes and models to choose from and one of the best used car warrantees around. Not to mention the experienced and knowledgeable sales staff. When looking for your next car, Toyota of Olympia may be the only lot you have to visit.

Shopping for a car, used or new, is exciting and often dreaded in equal measure. In fact, one of the members of the Toyota of Olympia sales team, Erik Martinson, said he originally didn’t want to be a car salesmen, knowing the general stereotype of the profession. But that all changed when he came to work for Toyota of Olympia where “making car buying fun” is a motto they live up to everyday.

Toyota used cars
The staff at Toyota of Olympia are happy to help, no matter your budget.

A friend had convinced him that things were different at the Rotter family-owned dealership. “So, I showed up with my resume and decided to try it,” he says. “And, I just fell in love with the culture of the company. The people here are extremely hard working and honest. I believe we genuinely try to give the best service possible to our customers and the best deals we can.”

On the other end of the spectrum, sales team member Kozal Peth has worked for Toyota of Olympia for over 18 years. While he wasn’t sure if it was the right career for him when he first started, the support he gained from his co-workers kept him going. “And now it’s been 18 years,” he says.  Kozal says he stayed for the culture, just like Erik.

More Value For Your Money

Part of Toyota of Olympia’s dedication to making sure buyers have fun and get the best deal is their Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. While some used cars are sold “as-is,” most come with the warranty. This warranty is different than the “Toyota Certified Pre-Owned” designation that other Toyota dealerships offer. It covers any make and model, not just Toyota. The warranty includes towing coverage and begins on the purchase date. “Our lifetime powertrain warranty really sets us apart,” says Kozal. “Buyers love it.”

Toyota used cars olympia
Toyota of Olympia offers a warranty that goes above and beyond the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned designation.

“We don’t just have the Toyota Certified Pre-owned program,” adds Erik. “We do our own certification process through Toyota of Olympia, specifically. We try to offer as many cars as we can with this warranty because we are the only ones in the region who offer it.”

In addition, Carfax vehicle reports and multi-point vehicle inspections mean you can rest easy knowing the used car you purchase has been thoroughly inspected and is running well.

Toyota of Olympia’s online inventory is a great place to start when shopping for a used vehicle. They often have special deals and coupons including offers such as Instant Savings Certificates good for $250 off any used vehicle internet price. You can also pre-shop online and see what cars are available.
Looking for a great deal? Toyota of Olympia carries a large selection of cars under $15,000., many of these with the Lifetime Powertrain warranty.

Selection, Choice, Variety

Used cars olympia
You’ll find quality Toyota vehicles and plenty of other makes and models on the lot.

In addition to their incredible sales people and quality warranty, Toyota of Olympia offers selection galore. At any given time, they have Chevrolets, Subarus, Fords, Hyundais, even Smart cars – you name it, they will likely have it. And, you’ll always find a strong selection of Toyotas with the best-selling Camry and efficient RAV 4 almost always in stock on the used lot.

“We get cars from both purchases and from trade, so Brian Johnson, our sales manager, will purchase the cars people are looking for, like the Camry,” explains Erik.

Deals abound at Toyota of Olympia’s new Tumwater location and cars with low miles and nearly-new condition are the norm. The experienced sales staff know what is on the lot and where to find what you are looking for, making your buying experience stress free and efficient.

Add to the used car selection Toyota’s top-notch service and convenient new location and you have a perfect place to find your perfect car. Located just off I-5 in Tumwater on Tyee Drive near Home Depot, it’s easy to find without the headaches of traffic and parking.

Toyota of Olympia
The new location of Toyota of Olympia is just off I-5 in Tumwater, south of Home Depot.

And of course, you can shop online in the comfort of your pajamas 24/7 at the Toyota of Olympia’s website for the new (to you) car of your dreams.

Toyota of Olympia
6969 Tyee Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98512


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