Aging gracefully is a term most are familiar with but what does it really mean? As I personally give more thought to this concept, I sat down with the experts at Derma Medical Spa and asked Dr. Bessie McCann what her clients are looking for when they schedule an appointment. The initial one hour consult is always free with Dr. McCann and as a result she’s had hundreds of conversations with clients about how they feel about themselves and what they would like to see when they look in the mirror.

Mimosas and volumizing fillers are what is for brunch at your next spa party. Photo credit: Derma Medical Spa

Most people just want to be the very best version of themselves. McCann sees wrinkle relaxers and volumizing fillers as a way to help someone feel beautiful in the same way that we might wear mascara or lipstick. “Many people have been told by their family or colleagues that they look tired or even angry,” explains Dr. McCann. Certain wrinkle formations or lines on the face give an expression that may not reflect how that person is truly feeling. In other cases clients are showing pain on their face from trauma or loss of a loved one. “Often times that hour consult turns into a therapy session,” McCann tells me. “We laugh and cry a lot in the treatment room.”

There is still some stigma to using an injectable like Botox among some people in the community.  Dr. McCann likens Botox therapy to homeopathic treatments. “A naturally forming toxin is diluted down to a tincture,” she shares. My own physician husband uses Botox injections with great success for treating patients with debilitating headaches. What may still seem foreign to some is actually a well-respected therapy among medical professionals.

Spa Director Amanda Berg can create the perfect vignette for your spa party with catered snacks Photo credit: Derma Medical Spa

What if you are curious about these options but still a bit nervous to try them out? Derma Medical Spa has the perfect solution. Everything is always better with a friend (or five). Host a botox party and Dr. McCann will bring her expertise to you and your girlfriends. Dr. McCann is the only physician in the South Sound insured to do mobile concierge service.

Before Dr. McCann established her practice at Derma Medical Spa she did fillers and wrinkle relaxers for clients discreetly in their homes or at a neighboring spa. Now that she has her own spa with private treatment rooms and full service, she did not want to give up the energy and fun of the spa parties. Derma does monthly Botox parties at Beautiful Skin in Centralia. Owner/operator Kim Chase has no problem filling an all day schedule with clients who wait for Dr. McCann to make her monthly trek to Lewis County for their mini sessions.

“Botox parties are so much fun,” says Amanda Berg, Derma Medical Spa Director. “Guests can observe and ask questions in a fun, social environment,” she adds. Guests at a Botox party can watch the procedure and see immediately the effect. “A little bit of filler can be life-changing,” says Berg. Often party guests who came only to observe find themselves jumping in the chair for their own treatment once the anxiety has fallen away.

Bessie McCann, M.D. (left) and Spa Director Amanda Berg would love to join you and your friends for a Botox party.

A Botox party can be held in a private home, office or at the beautiful and elegant Derma Medical Spa location in West Olympia. Parties can be simple with beverages and light snacks or an elaborate affair complete with a catered meal. Derma has hosted bridal showers complete with massages and facials for large groups of women. “We can do all the planning from food and flowers to all the treatments,” explains Berg.

“Guests have the entire spa to themselves. Conversely, a Botox party in your home can be as simple as setting up a space in the corner of a room. “I have done procedures on clients in everything from recliners to kitchen chairs,’” explains Dr. McCann.

The party begins with a short group presentation. Dr. McCann will talk with the group and then has mini-consults with each guest. Although it is a party atmosphere, the individual meetings are very customized. Guests are able to choose from a wide variety of services starting at something as inexpensive as an eyebrow lift, which can cost as little as $25.

Guests at in-home Spa party listen to Dr. McCann explain all the options at this intimate and discreet home party.

I wondered if Dr. McCann felt intimidated by the possibility of partygoers watching her work. “I really enjoy the social aspect of my work,” she shares. “My background is in the ER where I still do several shifts a month and I don’t mind an audience.” In fact, Dr. McCann enjoys sharing how she cares for each patient.

Amanda Berg attends each party with Dr. McCann to act as the administrative liaison and “professional hand holder,” she jokes. “We love the atmosphere of the Botox parties,” Berg says. “We hang out and everyone gets really comfortable together.”

Botox hostesses get some perks and the cache of being the one who introduces their friends to the benefits of injectables and fillers. If you are interested in hosting a Botox party or just want more information on feeling like the very best version of yourself, contact Derma Medical Spa at info@dermamedicalspa.com or call 360-350-5321.


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