Walking into Derma Medical Spa, I’m impressed by the casual, yet professional feel. I’ve been to a day spa, where facials and massages are the norm. But this is my first time in a medical spa—and there is quite a difference in the services offered.

Since a doctor and registered nurse are accessible at Derma, they are able to offer a vast array of services and procedures. I met with Master Esthetician Stacey Kalkus and Spa Director Amanda Berg to learn what medical procedures require– a doctor or registered nurse, what can be done by a master esthetician and why the team works so well together.

Derma Medical Spa is a full service spa specializing in medical procedures located on Olympia's Westside. Photo credit: Derma Medical Spa
Derma Medical Spa is a full service spa specializing in medical procedures located on Olympia’s Westside.
Photo credit: Derma Medical Spa

Medical procedures include services like laser hair removal, micro-needling (a collagen induction therapy that improves the appearance of acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles), skin contouring, skin rejuvenation, dermaplaning, sublative therapy (more aggressive than micro-needling, used in acne treatment), and even TruSculpt, a way to permanently melt fat with no down time.

While the team at Derma Medical Spa are all seasoned professionals, the communication and support among staff feels like family. When Amanda and Stacey began finishing each other’s sentences, I could tell that communication is key at Derma, and that the ongoing training and discussions between Dr. Bessie McCann, Lisa Davenport, RN, master estheticians, and staff is a high-priority.

“We’re trained to work with Dr. McCann, she is here to make sure we know the procedures we’re doing, but the master estheticians actually perform most of the medical services,” explains Stacey.  “As master estheticians, it’s our job to know these services and to be able to help our clients understand what would be best for them.”

Derma Medical Spa
Facials, including laser-based procedures, are popular at Derma Medical Spa. Free consultations are available for any service or procedure. Photo credit: Derma Medical Spa

“It’s almost like a fitness trainer,” she explains. “Every body is different and needs different exercises. As master estheticians, it’s important for us to know all the different skin types and what’s going on with your skin so we can give you the right protocol and direction to go, including skin products.”

Outside of injectable services such as Botox, the master estheticians at Derma Medical Spa are trained to perform medical-grade procedures, in conjunction with doctor consults and accessibility.

“Someone will come in for a facial and talk about the issues with their skin,” explains Stacey. “And we suggest to them that sublative might be better, or micro-needling might be better, or they might want to come in for a skin rejuvenation. At that point, they would make a (free) appointment with Dr. McCann, so she can further discuss the best route. Then they would come back to the esthetician for the procedure. Dr. McCann has seen the person, completes the skin analysis.  She knows the patient’s medical history, and makes sure the person is a good candidate. She also provides any notes she needs us to take into consideration during treatment. So when master estheticians see the patient, we are fully aware of what we need to do.”

It’s evident the team is passionate about helping others feel good about their appearance, from the inside out, and the outside in, safely and effectively. Derma Medical Spa also offers free consultations for any procedure.

Derma Medical Spa
Trusculpt is a procedure that permanently melts fat with no down time. The Master Estheticians at Derma Medical Spa work under Dr. Bessie McCann to tailor the service to each individual. Photo credit: Derma Medical Spa

“When someone is looking in the mirror and they’re not happy with what they see, or they think ‘gosh I really wish I could get rid of that one spot, I’ve had it forever’, or ‘I have a million skin tags on my neck from being pregnant,’ I want them to know there is resource out there that’s not going to cost them an arm and a leg.  You can come in here and get help,” says Amanda.

In fact, Amanda speaks from experience – she and other staff regularly participate in facials and other procedures at Derma Medical Spa. Amanda gushes about the TruSculpt treatment she got on her arms, which permanently melted fat that allowed her to wear her favorite jackets and blazers again. She adds that when she first began her job with Derma, McCann got the acne that used to erupt on her chin under control and how she continues to love her new skin.

Whether it’s one treatment or a lifestyle, the medical procedures, massages, and facials are all part of feeling good at Derma Medical Spa. And while feeling good is a personal journey, the team at Derma is there with a helping hand every step of the way.

“We’re a big family that has a ton of fun with our clients,” says Amanda, “We can help you. If you have any concerns at all, come in and sit down with our doctor or our estheticians. All 30-minute consultations are free.”

To learn more, call Derma Medical Spa at 360-350-5321 or visit www.dermamedispa.com to learn more about the services and schedule an appointment.


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