Tumwater Chiropractic Center Helps People Feel Better

tumwater chiropractor
Drs. Donnie Lowe (left) and Kelly Golob focus on being patient centered at Tumwater Chiropractic Clinic.


tumwater chiropractorIf you’re like me you spend most of your day slumped, slouched and staring.  My job requires sitting – a lot of sitting.  I start the day with good posture, chest out, shoulders back, and end with an aching back and stiff neck.

“Thirty years ago you never heard of carpal tunnel or repetitive motion injuries,” says Dr. Lonnie Lowe of Tumwater Chiropractic Center (TCC).  The soft-spoken Lowe has been helping people in the Olympia area feel better for three decades.  He says the deskbound should take a break every half hour.  “We also have some simple exercises people can do in their street clothes.”

Lowe along with Dr. Andrea Shaw and Dr. Kelly Golob make up the core of TCC.  The philosophy at TCC is one of complete care.  Says Lowe, “instead of [our patients] going to different places for different things we try to include them all here.”  A patient who visits TCC can get a massage, acupuncture or go the more traditional route and get an adjustment.

tumwater chiropractor
Drs. Lonnie Lowe (left) and Kelly Golob focus on being patient centered at Tumwater Chiropractic Clinic.

Some might be wary of visiting a chiropractor.  The tell-tale popping sound can be disconcerting. “There are lots of different ways to achieve the same results,” says Golob.  Low force techniques, cold laser, traction, kinesio taping and stretches are just some of the alternatives offered at TCC.

Being patient centered is important to Lowe, Shaw and Golob.  “We walk through the process step-by-step so a patient is never surprised,” says Lowe.  A first visit includes a discussion of medical history and goals.  “During the exam we look and see how a patient is moving, what imbalances there are as far as joint range of motion – maybe some muscles are too tight, maybe some are too weak,” explains Golob.  These initial screenings lead to a treatment plan that is tailor made for each patient.

The long-term focus for Lowe, Shaw and Golob is getting a patient feeling better and then helping them stay that way.  Golob uses the analogy of a dentist to help patients understand the benefits of preventative maintenance.  “If a dentist cleaned your teeth and told you to come back when your teeth hurt again and didn’t tell you to brush your teeth then you’d probably think he wasn’t a very good dentist.”

tumwater chiropractorOf course, you don’t need to be chained to a desk to visit Tumwater Chiropractic Center.  Lowe, Shaw and Golob treat everything from athletic injuries to whiplash suffered in a car crash.  Dr. Shaw specializes in maternity and pediatric chiropractic care.  This means choice, in an unconventional way for a business.  The doctors at TCC want what’s best for their patients, even if that means referring them to someone else.

“We work really well with other healthcare providers in this area.  If we can’t help, we probably know somebody that can,” says Golob.

Help.  That’s the bottom line.  Dr. Lowe smiles as he tells me a story about a former patient.  “She was depressed because she was in so much pain.  We worked with her and within two weeks she was a completely different person.  She was happy and not hurting as much.”  He adds, “do the things you like to do, there might still be some pain but you’re in control of your life and not vice versa.”

For more information about the Tumwater Chiropractic Center visit the website or call 360-570-9580.


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