Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel: A Place Where Culture And Hospitality Meet

lucky eagle hotel
Comfortable rooms allow you to relax at the Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel.


lucky eagle hotelWhen is the last time you rewarded yourself? You work hard every day, providing for your family, bettering yourself and dealing with the stresses of daily life. Too often we grow resentful because we don’t take time for ourselves, trying to find time for a little rest and relaxation. Not enough time to get away, air travel is costly or your job is busy are all reasons vacations can be tough to pull off. There is hope! If you need a weekend to just recharge your batteries, I’ve got the perfect place for you.

It’s called the Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel, located on the Chehalis Tribal Reservation. It’s far enough off the beaten path to make you feel like you are escaping, but not so far that you can’t drive there for a rejuvenating weekend. Head west off I-5 Exit 88 and follow the signs, it’s just 20 minutes from Olympia.

Even the short drive can help relieve stress as you take in the scenic visuals. Some people might need to stop and smell the roses, but in Washington we need to occasionally stop and smell the forest. You might run into Bigfoot on your way out, but at least he won’t ask you to stay late at work to cover a call in.

lucky eagle hotelThe hotel recently went through an expansion and remodel. The result was a blending of Chehalis tribal culture and modern hospitality. From the big Native American carvings, to the wall dedicated to the tribe’s creation story, the history of the Chehalis people really comes alive in this place.

Don’t worry; you won’t be staying in a longhouse next to some freshly caught salmon. This hotel has all the modern conveniences. For instance, just around the corner from the main lobby is a coffee shop proudly serving Starbucks concoctions. In addition to little cups of euphoria, they serve freshly made breakfast and lunch foods.

The other remarkable thing you will see in the hotel lobby is the slot room. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it has some big advantages over the casino gaming floor. For one, it’s conveniently located in the hotel, making it an easy stop for anybody staying there.

The biggest difference is that you only have to be 18 to gamble there. That’s right, the Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel is the best place west of the Cascades for people 18 to 20 to gamble. Make sure to ask about promotions and coupons when you check in. Also be sure to sign up for a Player’s Club card. It will give you a discount on your room and the points you earn by using it while you play can be used to purchase Starbucks from the coffee shop!

lucky eagle hotelThe pool is just down the hall from the coffee shop and offers a great view of the well-maintained property grounds. It’s a perfect place to recline while enjoying a frosty coffee drink on a hot day. Or you could let the jets, bubbles and hot rejuvenating water soak away your worries in the hot tub! If you’re like me, you don’t want to share. Not to worry! Opt in for the Jacuzzi suite and experience your own personal hot tub anytime you want. There are plenty of ways to relax at the Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel.

Every room comes with a great list of amenities, including flat screen TVs with basic cable, mini kitchens, free Wi-Fi, and even a hair dryer. Plus all the rooms host great upgrades and options.

You can enjoy a romantic view with a balcony suite. Have any friends of the furry variety? The Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel offers several pet friendly rooms.

Odds are you will be spending the majority of room time asleep. So really the most important amenity is your bed. These are soft, lush, comfortable, pillow top beds. When you wake up in one of these you will be completely relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on the world again!

The Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel in a nut shell – a brief drive for a weekend escape. Booking a reservation online at   Get away from the noise for a little while. You deserve it!


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