Gator Girl Rocks —Young Teen Introduces Family Rockhounding

Submitted by The Timberland Regional Library

Gator Girl Rocks!—Young teen introduces family rockhounding

Rock collecting Tolbert family will be at Tumwater Timberland Library on Tuesday August 13

“Gator Girl” Zoe Tolbert is an intrepid young teen who’s been rockhounding since she was five years old. She and her parents will be at the Tumwater Timberland Library on Tuesday, August 13 at 2 p.m. to talk about their travels as a family hunting rocks and minerals. The Tolberts will discuss how to get started, what to look for, and how to have fun and be safe when collecting rocks in Washington State. They will also show some of the specimens they’ve collected. The program is geared toward both adults and families.

“Gator Girl Rocks” is the name of Miss Tolbert’s website, asserted to be “America’s best rockhounding resource.” That’s not an idle claim. The website at provides thousands of resources for rock, mineral, gemstone, and fossil collectors and includes information for every state in the nation.

The State-by-State section provides information about rocks, minerals, gemstones, fossils, and meteorites as well as rockhounding resources, books, museums, neat places to visit, and recreational rockhounding sites.

The amateur geologist knows her subject, too. On her website she speaks of being “…in Western Utah searching the Wheeler shale formation for cambrian era trilobite fossils (approximately 505 million years old).”

Particularly valuable for responsible rock, mineral and fossil collecting, the website provides a summary and a chart of American rockhounding laws. Miss Tolbert’s father, a lawyer, is her legal advisor.

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