Rain Means Olympia Parties May Be Under Tents


olympia tent rental
Celebrations is a locally owned party rental store in Lacey.

Groan now, but it’s true.  Washington weather means that weddings, parties, and local events can be intense planning and logistical nightmares.  But the folks at Celebrations can handle any weather, request, or need with their highly trained crew and reserves of equipment available for rental.

Locally owned, Celebrations has a variety of party planning and event preparation equipment available for rental year-round.  Insuring an event’s success often relies on the large, white tents erected beforehand.  These range in size from 10’x10’ to a 40’x160’ behemoth which covers 6400 square feet and accommodates 536 people seated at tables or 1050 seats in rows.  Advance reservations for all rentals are preferred—especially in summer—but if the required tent, sufficient staff, and delivery space are available, same day events are possible!

As you can imagine, setting up tents like these requires not only training, but a skilled team.  Smaller tents are a one-person job, whereas larger ones use four or more people.  Working with a locally owned company means that dollars are kept local and employees are well versed in our area’s weather patterns.

Transportation to the event site often calls for a specially rigged box truck, built to accommodate the 20’+ poles.  Before any event, the crew from Celebrations inspects for potential site hazards, double-checks all tent components for safety, and measures the requested tent for weight/balance needs.  Stakes and tent pins provide stability in smaller tents, but their largest necessitate 18-24 280lb weights as even the canvas portions can weigh nearly 100lbs!

Security and safety are inspected by the fire marshal as part of the planning process.  Any tent over 600 square feet requires a $55 city permit, insuring that the canvas is flame retardant, there are sufficient fire extinguishers on site, and that exits and signage are properly displayed.

olympia tent rental
In addition to a wide range of party supplies, Celebrations rents tents ranging in size from 10’x10’ to 40’x160’.

Weather issues can vary by location, but the staff at Celebrations constantly monitor the forecast beforehand.  The majority of their tents are rated to withstand 55mph winds, and if a tent is intended for a beach or bluff, strong wind potential is often part of the preliminary assessment.  Structure tents are rated for winds up to 70mph, and all tents feature “black out” canvas which is 100% waterproof from above.  Tents can also be rented with or without walls, doors, and windows, depending on the event, weather, or necessity.

Overall, Celebrations is equipped to handle any event, big or small.  They have facilitated weddings, graduations, memorial services, county fairs, and even gaming events featuring TV’s and player consoles.  With a little notice, their skilled staff can guide you through the many steps required to host the perfect event!


4614 Lacey Blvd SW

Lacey, WA 98503


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