Celebrations Rents Supplies To Create Magical Parties + Events


Brides, business meeting planners, families, and people who just love a good party consistently turn to Celebrations, in Lacey, to outfit their special event with all the supplies.

Dave Light, store manager of the operation, describes Celebrations as an “all-in-one party store.  Some competitors just do tents or stages.  At other shops, you can rent tables and chairs.  Come to Celebrations when you want to rent everything you will need for a party,” he says.

And, ‘everything’ is exactly what you will find at Celebrations.  During the interview, Light walks through the showroom highlighting specialty linens, dishes and glassware, a DJ in a box, decorations, and many more items a party planner would use to host a special event.  Then, he tours through the warehouse storing tents, poles, tables, chairs, and a wide selection of additional rental inventory.

While traditionally known as a party rental business, the store also sells paper products and disposable party supplies, priced very competitively.

With over 8,000 square feet at the showroom and warehouse in Lacey, Celebrations stores all their party rental supplies on site.   A complete rental catalog is online and can be viewed by clicking here.

Linens are also laundered at this location.  Norma, who has been laundering Celebrations linens for years, loves her industry-specific washing machine, commercial dryer, and 135 foot pressing machine.  With this equipment, Norma is able to wipe out grease and wine stains and turn around a rainbow of linens in about an hour.

This time of year, the Celebrations crew is scurrying around town setting up tents and preparing locations for weddings.  “Through the middle of September, we will be renting supplies for about 125 events each weekend,” describes Light.

Every year, Light and his team review new items at trade shows and scour wedding magazines for hip colors and designs.  Their goal is to stay on the cutting edge while also balancing price and quantity.

Light adds new inventory every year.  “This year, we added some specialty linens and we will likely expand this product offering next year.  A high quality linen is one of the easiest ways to dress up a special event,” comments Light.

Another recent addition was flooring purchased specifically to accommodate events at the Capitol.  “At the Capitol Campus, we must lay down flooring to protect the grass.  Instead of junky plywood, we rent a high quality flooring to complete the professional look of an outside event,” says Light.

Light credits his team of 16 employees for ensuring that the party rental business runs smoothly.

For over three years, Cynthia Francis greets customers when they enter Celebrations.  Tears well in her eyes when Francis talks about working for Dave Light and the Stormans family, who own the business along with Bayview Catering and the Thriftway grocery stores.

“Working for a small, family-owned business is wonderful.  I am permitted to use my personal judgment on what constitutes good customer service.  And this freedom allows me to make better decisions for our customers,” describes Francis.

A balloon release, in honor, of Mia was created by Celebrations.

While most people think of weddings and anniversaries as the primary reasons to rent party supplies, Francis turns to memorial services and celebrations of life events as the most rewarding aspect of her job.

“If handled correctly, I can really bring joy to a situation that is very difficult for a customer,” says Francis.  “Recently, I have been encouraging families to incorporate a balloon release into the memorial ceremony.”

“It was a joy to send up a rainbow of balloons to our little girl!  Mia’s balloon release was absolutely amazing and a tribute from so many who loved her,” comments customer LeLani Benavente.

As you plan your next event, turn to Celebrations for all your party rental needs.  Whether it’s a small backyard gathering to celebrate a 50th anniversary or a wedding for upwards of 300 people, Celebrations has the supplies you need to pull off the event. The locally owned party rental store, providing exceptional customer service, is ready to serve.


4614 Lacey Blvd SW

Lacey, WA 98503


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