Boggs Inspection Services Encourages Pre-Listing Inspection

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Dwayne Boggs incorporates community giving into his business.


For over nine years, Dwayne Boggs has been inspecting homes throughout Thurston, Mason, Lewis and Pierce Counties.  During that time, he has inspected hundreds of homes, sharing his expert opinion with current and prospective home owners.

Boggs has built his home inspection business on communication skills.  “I talk through the inspection report without being an alarmist,” explains Boggs.

Boggs is a firm believer in the value of a pre-listing inspection, especially for homeowners who have lived in their house for more than 10 years.

“If you haven’t visited the attic or the crawl space in a decade, then it’s a good idea to have an inspection prior to listing your home for sale,” explains Boggs.

During the pre-listing inspection, Boggs will spend over two hours reviewing your home.  Typically, he starts on the exterior and roof before moving indoors.

Upon completion of the inspection, Boggs will send you (and your real estate agent) a complete report within 24 hours.

“This report gives you a list of things to tackle,” says Boggs.

Boggs encourages homeowners to take the report and address issues before listing the home.  “Use the punch list when you have time and aren’t rushed to close the sale,” he explains.  “You can get contractors and electricians out to do the tasks right without being rushed.”

The most common issues that Boggs finds are issues with the roof installation, poor insulation, and electrical problems.

Even if you have remodeled or upgraded your home recently, there may be corners that contractors cut along the way.

“I am unbiased,” explains Boggs when addressing why it’s important to have an independent home inspection.  “I’m just there, doing the inspection, and working for the client.”

In the end, a pre-listing inspection tells you what you need to address prior to putting your home on the market.

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