Edge Fitness Announces New Year’s “Move It and Lose It” Weight Loss Competition


Submitted by Edge Fitness

Amanda Price-Salazar, owner of Edge Fitness (formerly Fit4Life) in Tumwater has announced an exciting weight loss competition beginning in January.

Edge Fitness is a health and fitness studio located in Tumwater.  In addition to offering customized workout programs and nutrition plans to meet goals, Edge Fitness has hired certified trainers and fitness instructors to lead energetic group fitness and boot camp classes.  For a complete story about Amanda and her business, click here.

Price-Salazar mentions that boot camps, group fitness classes, and programs such as the weight loss competitions provide accountability, motivation and variety for clients.

“The weight loss competition is really great for someone who is a beginner or anyone who  needs a jumpstart on reaching their health and fitness goals,” explains Price-Salazar.

Starting in January, the weight loss competition will last 12 weeks and include:

  • weekly weigh-ins,
  • unlimited access to group fitness classes,
  • nutrition planning,
  • health and fitness seminars,
  • weekly email newsletters, and
  • prizes for those that lose the most.

For all the services listed above, the 12-week weight loss competition is priced at $299.

“We offer complete, total-health based programs.  It’s not just fitness or nutrition or stretching, but rather we provide guidance in all facets,” summarizes Price-Salazar.

For more information, contact Price-Salazar at Edge Fitness.

Edge Fitness (formerly Fit4Life)

2806 29th Ave. SW, Suite A

Tunwater, WA 98512

360.790.6767 or info@edgefitnessnow.com


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