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Chris VanderPluym, owner of VP Acupuncture in Olympia, utilizes traditional Chinese medicine, a holistic approach, for people seeking optimal well-being. His skill and implementation of healing arts empowers patients to discover contributors to their dis-ease rather than simply treating symptoms. Using acupuncture, herbal medicine, body work and lifestyle adjustments, shifts in overall health can improve significantly.

Chris VanderPluym, owner of VP Acupuncture, headshot
VP Acupuncture’s Chris VanderPluym can discuss herbal supplements in coordination with your health concerns. Photo courtesy: VP Acupuncture

“My dream has been to have my own space,” says Chris. The peaceful, low-key clinic is near the Capitol campus and has two private treatment rooms. Previously Chris worked in other people’s practices. “Now I am my own boss,” he says, and he appreciates the time he can dedicate to his patients. Chris pulls from all his skills to create a detailed care plan.

Introduction to Acupuncture

Years ago, Chris experienced pain in one knee and then the other knee. A trip to a Western-trained doctor led to treatment that consisted of pain pills and a wish for good luck. Dissatisfied with that, he visited an acupuncturist for two treatments. Then the pain was resolved. His thinking shifted. He had always been interested in working with people in the healing arts, but discovered western style medical education did not resonate with his overall philosophy, which is to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Chris VanderPluym, owner of VP Acupuncture, holding a wrist of a patient lying on a tabled
VP Acupuncture provides acupuncture treatments, specific massage of Tuina and Shiatsu, and herbal consultations to create individualized treatments. Photo courtesy: VP Acupuncture

Chris VanderPluym, Acupuncturist in Olympia

An Acupuncture and Eastern Medical Practitioner requires significant didactic and clinical education to earn licensure. Required courses include anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, hygiene, and a survey of Western clinical services. Additional education includes diagnosis, therapeutics, meridians/vessels and points and techniques including electro-acupuncture. Chris can provide personalized treatments using acupuncture, herbal medicine, and various forms of body work. He is also versed in conversations dealing with lifestyle choices. “Acupuncture is just one tool of many,” explains Chris.

Chris was accepted into medical school in a pre-med program. He had intended to be a western-trained doctor, surgeon or veterinarian. “Being a western doctor was not going to fit my idea of being a doctor,” he recalls. He opted for a different healing path.

Chris thrived on his Chinese medicine education. “I have a passion for this, and it was an opportunity to learn these things. I took as many electives as I could, including more than one for body work, advanced herbology and advanced acupuncture,” he adds.

After school, Chris moved from the Midwest to Ashland, Oregon, where he enjoyed an intense mentorship with an experienced practitioner for five years. The practice had a focus on treating cancer and endocrine disorders. He decided to expand his experiences and moved to Olympia where he initially saw patients in another office.

Chris VanderPluym, owner of VP Acupuncture, standing and shaking hands with a woman who is sitting in a chair
Trained in Traditional Chinese medicine, Chris VanderPluym takes time to meet and then get to know his patients. Photo courtesy: VP Acupuncture

Holistic Doctor in Olympia Has a Personal Approach to Health

Chris spends time with his patients to get to know them as a person and what’s going on in their bodies.During the initial visit, he covers things like circulation, digestion, respiration, emotional well-being, and a person’s chief complaint. He’ll read your pulse, look at your tongue and your posture. He wants to know any and all of your ailments because, they are often connected and can be treated simultaneously. Aches, pains, sleep issues, and emotional challenges are important to take into consideration. Chris incorporates this with modern understandings of anatomy and physiology. “I strive to get to an understanding so I can have a personal way to compose treatment,” Chris explains. Then a treatment is tailored to the individual.

Chris VanderPluym Engages in an Active Life

“I live a simple life,” says Chris. He and his dog, Siskiyou, a Belgium malinois, live a low-impact, ecologically-minded lifestyle. He carries this over to his business life, too. Keeping a minimal carbon footprint is important, so he prefers to fix his things rather than replace them, using recycled materials when possible. He made his own green house with recycled materials. He tends to nine hens and a rooster. “I am a very DIY (do it yourself) person,” he says. “I love music, learning the banjo and dancing to live music.” He also likes to garden. At home, you might find him cooking or using his smoker. The beautiful outdoors of the Northwest is a good match for all his activities.

Chris VanderPluym, owner of VP Acupuncture, on one knee with a flock of chickens
Chris spends time away from his practice enjoying a rural lifestyle being outdoors, raising chickens, and spending time with his dog. Photo courtesy: VP Acupuncture

Twice a year he attends and works at the Conference on Botanical Medicine that happen in both North Carolina and Arizona, filming classes for online use. It’s educational and interesting to keep abreast of topics and other professionals. This knowledge is used in his practice.

VP Acupuncture wants you to support your body’s natural ability to fix itself. Chinese medicine, with it time-tested and distinctive modalities, may be helpful in multiple ways. “We all live an interconnected web,” suggests Chris, adding, “Any adjustment affects it all.”

You can schedule yourself at the VP Acupuncture website. Insurances are accepted. Chris looks forward to meeting you.

VP Acupuncture
108 22nd Avenue SW, Suite 8, Olympia


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