Inclusive Fitness Just Got Bigger with Alliance Athletics Recent Studio Expansion

a man standing with his arms outstretched inside a big, empty retail space.
Alliance Athletics went from 1,600 square feet to 3,900 square feet with their recent expansion. Photo credit: Scott Drapeau

After opening in April 2022, Alliance Athletics in Olympia has delivered time and time again on a welcoming environment that supports health, strength and fitness for everyone. They started with just 800 square feet but recently expanded for the second time to a total of 3,900 square feet. Thanks to the help and support of their amazing community, Alliance Athletics has been able to grow while bringing the same exceptional fitness experience to their members. Try their No-Sweat Intro for a free 45-minute session with one of their coaches and see firsthand how Alliance Athletics is making strength and health accessible to all.

Scott Drapeau selfie inside Alliance Athletics
Scott Drapeau is immensely grateful for the support of their Alliance Athletics community during this expansion. Photo credit: Scott Drapeau

Growing a Community of Strength at Alliance Athletics

Alliance Athletics is rooted in giving every person the ability to improve their fitness and care for their health. They set out with a mission to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ community members and their allies and change the stigmas, stereotypes and intimidation of a typical gym atmosphere. In their first year, they have seen tremendous growth through this inspiring vision of fitness for all and saw a need to expand physically along with their members. “With our growth, we wanted to be able to offer more equipment and more floor room for people to come in, lift and be strong,” says owner Scott Drapeau. “The expansion has really allowed us to spread everything out better for effective workouts, and to introduce even more with our small group training.”

The crew set to work at the start of summer by tearing down the wall between the spaces, which opened everything up and gave them so much more freedom to organize the space. “Our members came out to help us with deconstruction, which made it a good time,” says Scott. “It has been amazing to see the fact that so many people are rooting for us and here to support us.” Scott has been deeply grateful for the community’s help, kindness, and commitment to their shared mission, and could not imagine this expansion without the many hands that helped along the way. “I especially want to thank my father-in-law Tom Rush of Rush Family Farms. He has been instrumental in a lot of the back-end stuff, and was always there when I needed him.”

Through the expansion, it was important to Scott to continue to develop space for their community to come together. In addition to more room to strengthen muscles, there is now dedicated space to further strengthen community ties and bonds with fellow gymgoers. “We put together an actual lounge area for our members to get together before and after workouts,” Scott shares. “We also started a community board to track milestones and answer questions, which gives us a much better ability to be community focused and separate the gym area better.” Alliance Athletics has already cultivated a very tightknit community, and they are eager to see it continue to grow as they welcome more people into the space.

Scott Drapeau selfie inside Alliance Athletics, with this wife, Kim next to him. Both smiling at the camera
Scott Drapeau and his wife Kim could not be happier with the growth so far, and are eager to see what else lies ahead for Alliance Athletics. Photo credit: Scott Drapeau

Small Group Training in Olympia

Strength training is a core part of Alliance Athletics, which can be intimidating and challenging for many newcomers to try. They make it easy to get started thanks to the supportive format and motivational coaching experience offered in their small group training. “It really is the best of both worlds,” says Scott. “It takes elements of personal training and adds community to it, so you can work with a coach and three other people while still getting a custom, guided plan.” The best part of a group fitness setting is the accountability and support offered through the other participants in the group, which can be half the battle when keeping up with your gym routine.

Alliance Athletics has not only expanded their space, but has also expanded their coaching team. They are actively bringing on experienced trainers to create more training times and flexibility for their community. “This is an evolving thing for us,” explains Scott. “At a big box gym, it may not be easy for them to add on new classes here and there on demand, but we can be a little but more flexible in things to make it easy for our members to be here with us.” The Alliance Athletics team is open to adding to their established schedule so more people can benefit from small group training and better fitness. Coupled with their devotion to community and focus on effective fitness, Alliance Athletics can support you through any goal and give you the support you need to get there.

Expand Your Fitness with Alliance Athletics

The expansion at Alliance Athletics has brought even more to the community and further promoted strength and togetherness. You too can expand in your own health and fitness by working alongside the coaches and members at this inclusive and innovative strength training studio. No matter where you are in your journey, Alliance Athletics can give you the guidance and space to achieve your goals and find friends along the way. Schedule your No-Sweat Intro today to get started! For more information, visit the Alliance Athletics website.

Alliance Athletics
514 Adams Street SE, Olympia


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