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At Penrose Physical Therapy we have had huge success with our weight loss and wellness program that focuses on healthy habits and inches lost (fat loss) vs the scale. The five-week challenge is the perfect launch into fall and is a shorter version than our eight-week program but with awesome results that people can continue to follow.
The images below are from real people with real results in five weeks. This is not a crash diet deal. This is learning how to eat to fuel your body, stabilize your blood sugar, and stay in fat burning mode. A cornerstone to this program is the education and understanding metabolism, proteins, healthy fats, what carbohydrates are healthy and which ones may not be as optimal for blood lipid and blood sugar stabilization. This program is also an anti-inflammatory way of eating so many of our clients “feel” so much better and have less aches and pains in their body and joints in addition to carrying less weight. 10 pounds lost is 40 pounds less pressure/force on the knees.
Photo courtesy; Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy

We have an overview of the five week program this week! September 1 at 6 p.m. and you can register online. If you miss it, please email info@penrosept.com or you can call or text Penrose Physical Therapy at 360.456.1444.

We provide weekly zoom coaching meetings on Monday nights throughout the program, exercise programs to fit every level, recipes curated by dieticians and nutritionists, daily feedback/coaching via text or phone or email, private Facebook to get ideas on other recipes/advice/ask questions/learn from each other/support each other. It is a very affordable way to have health coaching with one on one touch points and adequate support in a group without paying the expensive cost of one on one health coaching for five weeks. It is a great deal and very successful for so many of our patients!
Here is link to Dr. Penrose’s podcast “Stay Healthy South Sound” where she interviews a client that went through the eight-week TLS program and continued to live the lifestyle if you want to hear her perspective.
Dr. Penrose and her team is located at 1445 Galaxy Dr. Suite 301 in Lacey.  360.456.1444 or email info@penrosept.com for more information.
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