Trail Construction Underway: New Pedestrian Trail to Connect Tumwater Hill Park to Crosby Boulevard


Submitted by City of Tumwater

Construction of a pedestrian trail connecting Crosby Boulevard to the existing Tumwater Hill Park trail system is underway.

Tumwater Hill Park was just nine acres when it was built in 1994. The Park grew over time as the City acquired additional property surrounding the original site. The Park is now 35 acres, with a baseball field on the top of the hill and a trail system from the top down three sides of the hill.

This new trail will be the sixth trail in the system and will connect Tumwater Hill Elementary School and the ball fields atop the hill to the newer residential areas along Crosby Boulevard to the west.

The project will entail constructing approximately 1,200 linear feet of pedestrian trail from Crosby Boulevard to a connection point at the top of the hill. The trail will be made of crushed rock laid over existing soil. All disturbed areas will be immediately seeded or covered with straw to prevent erosion. The final trail location will minimize impacts on existing vegetation. No live trees over 6-inches in diameter will be removed.

Contractor Black Hills Excavating will begin staging equipment on July 18 and preparing the area at the head of the trail near the 3200 block of Crosby Boulevard. The contractor will drop materials at the staging area throughout the project, but impacts on local traffic should be minimal.

Construction will continue through August, and the new trail should be open by fall.

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