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Anyone who has ever had to assist with funeral arrangements for a loved one who didn’t have life insurance knows how stressful it can be. Not only does it take a toll on us emotionally, it can often put significant financial stress on us as well. State Farm Agent Melanie Bakala knows that the last thing anyone wants to do is put our loved ones in that same situation when it comes to their own funeral.

“The average funeral typically costs around $8,000,” said Bakala.  If the cost of your funeral would create a financial burden if your family members had to pay for it,  Final expense insurance (sometimes called burial insurance or funeral insurance) can ease the financial burden and stress on grieving loved ones by covering those costs.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final Expense life insurance, is a kind of life insurance policy designed to cover your final expenses, including funeral and burial or cremation costs.

What are the benefits of Final Expense life insurance?

For those who don’t currently have a life insurance policy in place to cover their final expenses, here are some benefits that Final Expense life insurance offers:

  • It has a simple quote and application process.
  • Rates are affordable and the premiums will never increase.
  • The earlier you buy it, the more affordable it is
  • The policy issues quickly

Learn More

There’s a lot to understand about life insurance, and Bakala wants to make sure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about covering your funeral expenses. You can reach her Shelton or Lacey office at 360.426.2428 or 360.972.7905.


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