Submitted by Thurston County Food Bank

After 18 years leading the Thurston County Food Bank (TCFB), Executive Director Robert Coit is leaving to begin new adventures.

TCFB President Bruce Wollstein noted: “Robert has done a tremendous job of growing the organization from a basic food pantry model to a multicounty resource distribution network that serves families, children and individuals throughout the greater Thurston, Mason and Lewis County areas. I can’t overstate what a great job Robert has done in securing funding, staffing and resources to help residents meet their basic needs for food and much more.” Bruce, speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors, thanked Robert for his 18 years of dedicated service to the TCFB and the citizens of the region.

The TCFB Board is developing a plan and schedule for hiring a new leader who will serve with the new title of Chief Executive Officer.

The key objective of the TCFB is simple: no one should go hungry in the greater Thurston County region, especially children. Under Coit’s leadership, the organization now owns three main buildings and operates 13 satellite food-distribution locations, 14 mobile delivery sites, and 2 Pop Up food stands. Overall, TCFB provides food and other support services to a large part of the south sound region.

The new CEO will join a committed and experienced staff devoted to the mission and services of the TCFB. They are complemented by a compassionate volunteer network that makes sure food is not wasted and that healthy, nutritional food options are available to all clients. With over 40% of TCFB clients under the age of 16, creative and varying ways to deliver services to families and individuals throughout the area is a big undertaking. The next CEO will also nurture and expand critical relationships with community partners and donors.

The new CEO will help shape the collection/storage/distribution systems, finances, and community relationships to eliminate hunger today and in the future. Powered by the values of compassion and inclusiveness, the CEO will ensure that clients become part of a neighbor helping neighbor approach that delivers dignity as well as food for all.

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