The Yelm Chamber of Commerce is passionate about local businesses and strives to support their growth and success in the community. They are eager to build up businesses across Thurston County and are thrilled to announce the expansion of three local businesses in the Yelm community. Masonry Café Catering, Shiplap Shop & Coffee House, and 507 Taproom & Filling Station are in the process of expanding and growing their businesses, which is exciting for community members across the county.

Masonry Café Catering

105 E Yelm Ave, Yelm

Masonry Cafe Catering is a family-owned cafe that provides catering services for events in the local area. They seek to provide tasty and comforting cuisine that is sure to suit each and every celebration. Photo courtesy: Masonry Café Catering

Masonry Café Catering is a dine-in and catering coffeehouse that seeks to bring delicious, joy-inspiring food to their community, all while having fun doing it. Established in 2018 by a mother, son and daughter team, Masonry Café Catering has found true purpose in providing fresh and local cuisine through both a sit-down restaurant experience and in event catering. “When you feed someone, it gives them joy, and I love that feeling,” shares owner Shelly Brown. “Even today, people come in and say, ‘We’re so glad you’re here.’” They have been so grateful for the people of Yelm and the Yelm Chamber for their support and loyalty. The Yelm Chamber has made every effort to encourage the community to enjoy local eateries, and Masonry Café Catering has been thrilled with their continued comradery.

Currently Masonry Café is in the process of expanding into the firehouse next door, which has been closed for the last 30 years. “We’re waking up the firehouse and keeping it all original, firehouse themed,” Shelly shares. “We’re going to do fun, different things that no one else is doing. We can’t wait to light it up!” This project is a true testament to the commitment Masonry Café has for their local community and speaks to their desire to bring new and fresh things to the area. Their innovation with the firehouse is something you won’t want to miss!

Shiplap Shop & Coffee House

112 E Yelm Ave, Yelm

outside view of Shiplap Shop & Coffee House in Yelm
Shiplap Shop & Coffee House seeks to provide a range of services in their current locations and newest expansion. From coffee and fritters to fabrics and feed, you can find a range of exceptional products from over 100 different artisans and craftsmen. Photo courtesy: Shiplap Shop & Coffee House

Shiplap Shop & Coffee House is focused on providing fantastic coffee and blended drinks as well as the best donuts and fritters in the area. Originally opening up shop in April of 2019, they have been quick to expand their services. They recently opened their second location in Tenino last October that features a quilt shop as part of their services and are now in the process of launching their third location on Yelm Highway called The Shiplap Quilt, Feed, and Coffee House that will offer a wide selection of fabrics, livestock feed, and their long-offered coffee and donuts. Owners, operators and spouses Gary and Kristin Rurup are passionate about creating a welcoming, comforting environment. “We have built a strong reputation as a place to go to feel good,” says Gary. “We offer an excellent place for people to get a coffee, sit and relax, and purchase beautiful, modern farmhouse-inspired gifts and furniture.”

Gary and Kristin feel blessed in their journey as business owners in the Yelm community and are grateful for the goodness of God, their long-time customers, and the Yelm Chamber. “We wanted to open in Yelm because of the wonderful community and the city employees that were eager to make it a reality for us,” shares Gary. “The Yelm Chamber helped raise awareness about our business and made us feel like we had been around for years.” Through a combined effort, word spread quickly about this niche local business and rapidly attracted people from far and wide. This couple could not be happier with the sense of community they have gained in their following and are looking forward to bringing new services with their latest expansion.

507 Taproom & Filling Station

106 Prairie Park St, Yelm

Owner Bill DeVore and a woman standing next to the 507 Taproom & Filling  Station sign
Owner Bill DeVore has been thrilled to bring the unique experience of a taproom to the Yelm Community. With 507 Taproom & Filling Station, they strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes every guest feel like family. Photo courtesy: 507 Taproom & Filling Station

Established in March of 2019, 507 Taproom & Filling Station has been striving to bring the best of the brewery world to the heart of Yelm. “We would travel to local breweries and taprooms to see what we liked and disliked about the atmosphere,” shares Owner Bill DeVore. “We wanted to bring something to Yelm that was an accumulation of all the positives we observed.” Their goal is to always provide an exceptional guest experience alongside quality beer and cider for the community to enjoy. 507 Taproom & Filling Station is able to accomplish through their dedicated and exceptional staff, who share a similar passion for the products and the people.

507 Taproom & Filling Station is excited to soon be expanding their presence in the Yelm Community through the addition of the building behind their current location, which should be open by early April. Both spots will continue to be open to the community and will be designated as the east and the west locations. With the support of the Yelm Chamber and the local community, they have been able to quickly grow and pursue this expansion “The support we have received is amazing,” Bill says. “The different agencies we have been able to support is what community is all about.” Bill is truly thrilled to be a part of the Yelm community and is eager to continue to bring a unique and community-oriented experience to the people of Yelm.

The Yelm Chamber and its central community have been integral in helping these businesses become established and to thrive. Through the Yelm Chamber’s continued support, innovation, and commitment to local businesses, the Yelm economy has grown stronger and more connected than ever.

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