Massage therapist Scott Drapeau unites his experience as an Army medic with massage, functional movement, and other modalities like body tempering to help people heal from pain in their bodies. “I am interested in having people be pain free,” says Scott, adding, “I’ve been doing that a long time.” The journey began as a medic when he saw people who needed immediate intervention. Then he saw the key to a full recovery was follow-up care. Post-injury care might involve physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments and strength training. Scott Drapeau Wellness is his own business combining elements of massage, weights, nutrition, and overall wellbeing.

Scott Drapeau specializes in pain relief and wants you to live in your body with ease. Photo courtesy: Scott Drapeau Wellness

“If you don’t change how your body is working, pain comes back,” explains Scott. He will tend to your body while you are on the massage table, but afterwards Scott can demonstrate exercises or stretching movements that you can do at home.

Scott has recently moved into a large office space in the Security Building in downtown Olympia. The great part of having a large space is the ability to show stretching and exercises right in the office after a massage. Scott offers a Complete Treatment Program that is designed for helping people rehab quickly from pain. This package includes four massages, a home rehab program and online coaching and accountability. People may find that one treatment can make a positive difference, but your body pains might need more time and attention to unclench and release the pain. Then it can learn to move in new ways. It’s like a crash-course on fixing your body!

Over time, untreated pain in the body stops being acute and can become chronic. Dealing with pain sooner is better, but it is never too late. Other body parts compensate for the tightness or aches, creating a cascade of misalignment or other pains. All that can lead to more discomfort that never goes away. Sometimes a pain in the neck originated in the hips, and it’s the hips that need the healing. Not surprisingly, everything is connected.

Scott wants to help people with either acute or chronic pain. He can relieve postural problems, work on scar tissue, and focus on muscle spasms and tightness. He loves figuring out solutions to your body pains. He takes time to talk with the client ahead of time about concerns and goals. He’s thorough and thoughtful.

Scott offers mobile massage so you can enjoy a treatment comfort of your own home. Photo courtesy: Scott Drapeau Wellness

“I’m very, very aware of COVID concerns,” stresses Scott, taking time to sanitizes everything between client visits and has a heavy duty air purifier. This keeps the entire space clean during and after people’s visits. Cleanliness is apparent in the studio, but no frills. A visit with Scott is a clear choice to get your body working and feeling better.

For those who prefer body work done in the comfort of their own homes, Scott offers a mobile service. He’ll bring the table. You get to relax. This gives you the chance to soak in your bathtub ahead of time to warm up your bones and muscles. When the treatment is over you are already home and can simply get up from the table and take a nap or do another other relaxing activity.

My first massage happened when I was a senior in college, more than 40 years ago! It was a miraculous discovery to have tension melted from my body. Since then, I have had all sorts of massages and other treatments done locally and around the world. You could say I was a glutton for massage but that sounds too negative, and a connoisseur sounds too high brow. Let’s say I find great value in treating my body well, and I want to feel as good as possible. Scott wants you to take care of yourself like an athlete. You don’t have to be a superstar, just someone who cares about wellness.

Stiffness, muscle spasms, and injury pain are treatable. Scott Drapeau uses his medical and massage training to get you optimal results. Photo courtesy: Scott Drapeau Wellness

I find my neck stores stress from life and working on a computer adds to the tension. Lately, my right shoulder was having a hard time with certain yoga/push-up positions. I hadn’t had an injury, but it wasn’t working properly. I thought I’d let Scott have a go. For an hour, Scott worked intently on my neck, shoulder, and hip, which was dealing with stiffness. “I can hold pressure longer,” says Scott, whose hands and fingers are strong. This gives the body more time to release. I appreciated his skill at finding my irritated places and addressing the issues. Afterwards, he showed me a neck stretch I had not seen before. I felt relaxed and aligned. The most significant improvement came a couple of days later when I did my first chaturanga in quite a while. There was no pain in my shoulder. What a remarkable gift.

Taking excellent care of your body is an investment in yourself right now. You’ll feel better physically and mentally and reap the dividends of improved mobility moving forward. It’s easy to make an appointment online with Scott. Check out his Facebook page for updates and cute family photos. If you want to talk ahead of time you can reach him at 360.772.1419.


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