Submitted by Melanie Bakala, State Farm Agent

According to Business Insider, lumber prices have rose more than 250% in the last year. That means rebuilding your home if it is damaged or destroyed will cost more. That’s why State Farm Agent Melanie Bakala recommends that you sit down with your insurance agent and review your homeowners insurance policy.

“We recommend that people review their homeowners insurance every few years – sooner if you have made additions or improvement to your home,” shares Melanie.

Homeowner coverage reviews don’t take a lot of time, and in many cases, if you don’t have time to visit in person, you can review them by phone or even meet by video chat.

“It seems like people lives are getting busier, and getting in to their insurance agent’s office falls low on the list,” says Melanie. “Don’t let that stop you – calling your agent to review your coverage on the phone is better than finding out at claim time there isn’t enough coverage.”

Melanie and her team work every day to offer reviews to customers to make sure all their insurance coverage meets their current needs. “People’s lives change, and many times your insurance needs change with it,” she says.

Melanie Bakala has offices located in Shelton and Lacey.


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