This time of year symbolizes both growth and regrowth. Trees and flowers spring to life, growing almost before our eyes. The sap is flowing, so to speak, and we’re restless and eager to see what new partnerships the day will bring. If you’re ready to refresh your home after a long winter hibernation, visit downtown’s Olympia Bed Store and shop their new line of locally made beds courtesy of Northwest Wood Source.

Downtown’s new Olympia Bed Store now offers bed frames made from locally-sourced salvaged wood. Photo courtesy: Olympia Bed Store

This new partnership is one of community and passion. Both the Olympia Bed Store, with their nearby mattress assembly location in Oakville, and Northwest Wood Source are dedicated to sustainable, green craftsmanship and supporting local artisans and small businesses. Olympia Bed Store owner Jason Schaefer recalls that they were excited to meet the new neighbors from day one.

“Honestly, Oakville is a small town and word gets around when something new is going on,” says Schaefer. “We were ecstatic when we first met and shared common passions for crafting sustainable and eco-friendly products.”

Northwest Wood Source is a family-run mill with a twist. “Sharing the beauty of wood while leaving trees alone has been a rewarding and intriguing journey,” says co-owner Tony Hawes. “Many logs are from local bays (dredged up after being dropped in our early century logging boom), some unearthed from farm fields, some windfall, each with their own story to tell.”

Hawes built a mill in 2009 where he daily honors a promise to wife Shanna that he will use it to cut no living trees. They sell live-edge slabs, uniquely shaped burls and lovingly restored salvage pieces. There are even salvaged remnants of cypress pickle tanks and wine tank redwood. Some of the wood is sold by the piece, others carefully turned into serving and charcuterie boards and furniture pieces.

Northwest Wood Source provides raw-edge pieces, serving and charcuterie boards, and carefully crafted furniture. Photo courtesy: Olympia Bed Store

Schaefer loves that “Northwest Wood Source specializes in crafting heirloom quality furniture and woodcrafts out of old growth logs destined for pulp mills and lumber from deconstructed historic buildings destined for the landfill. It feels great to partner with a local company that’s found an authentic way to sustainably source the lumber it uses to craft timeless pieces of furniture.”

“The team at Northwest Wood Source is dedicated to making sure future generations are able to enjoy the Northwest’s iconic forests,” says Schaefer. “They generate awareness for forestry related issues by hand crafting furniture and woodcrafts with reclaimed lumber that’s unique story accents the heirloom quality finished product. The more we work with reclaimed woods, the healthier and happier our forests will be.”

Olympia Bed Store will be carrying bed frames lovingly created by the Hawes family. One particular piece caught Schaefer’s eye immediately. “Each Northwest Wood Source piece has a unique story and the one on display at the Olympia Bed Store is made from old growth lumber reclaimed from an old Boeing facility in Everett,” he explains. “It’s beautiful, rich in character and caused little to no negative impact on our environment.”

Items from this newfound partnership will be available from their downtown store or the Olympia Bed Store website. Local delivery is possible, simply drop in or call staff at 360.819.4293. Or explore even more products with a safe, socially distanced road trip to the Northwest Wood Source hub at 304 East Pine Street in Oakville.

Frames are produced by Northwest Wood Source in Oakville, WA, from salvaged or reclaimed materials. Photo courtesy: Olympia Bed Store

Schaefer said that though they weren’t actively seeking new vendors “We are always looking for like-minded companies to partner with. Our long-term goal is to have sustainably sourced heirloom quality products for the whole house and family.”

The Olympia Bed Store’s new downtown shopfront is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Orders can be placed there, online, or by phone. Questions for Northwest Wood Source can be sent to or 360.273.ARTS (2787).

After a long year of quarantine, it’s time for a thorough deep cleaning before the arrival of warm weather and outdoorsy activities. If—like most of us—you’re a little sick of the same four walls and same ever-present furniture, shake things up with a trip to the Olympia Bed Store and Northwest Wood Source. We spend almost one-third of our day in bed, why not make it comfortable, supportive and eco-friendly? Schaefer and Hawes can suggest some great new additions.


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