Downtown Lacey Restaurant Overview 2021

downtown Lacey-Restaurant-MiSo
MiSo, a downtown Lacey restaurant, creates your nutritious meal quickly, and with so many options, you can have something new every time you visit. Photo courtesy: MISo

Downtown Lacey has an abundance of restaurants serving up good meals. You will find lunch and dinner choices up and down the main roads and tucked in between. If you are ducking out for a quick lunch, one of them is likely in your path. Not up for cooking? Stop in to eat or pick up dinner on the way home. Take the night off by letting one of these downtown Lacey restaurants do all the prep work for you, as well as the cleanup!

Ricardo’s Kitchen and Bar

676 Woodland Square Loop SE, Lacey

Ricardo’s Kitchen and Bar is a local, family-owned dinner house in the heart of Lacey, near St. Martin’s University. Featuring an outdoor eating area and fireplace, it provides a fresh atmosphere for dining and sharing time with others.  Ricardo’s specializes in dry aged beef. Filet mignon, prime ribeye and a long bone ribeye called the Tomahawk hold the spotlight here. Ricardo’s also has rich pasta dishes such as beef stroganoff with fresh pappardelle and sautéed mushrooms and a salmon and spinach linguini alfredo. Check out the Ricardo’s Kitchen and Bar website for more information.

Brewery City Pizza

downtown Lacey-Restaurant Brewery-City-PIzza-gluten-free
Brewery City Pizza, a restaurant in downtown Lacey, has a specialty pizza menu with a wide variety of combinations. You can design your own pizza and also choose additional crusts such as gluten free and cauliflower crust. Photo credit: Rebecca Sanchez

4353 Martin Way E

Looking to satisfy your pizza parlor taste buds? Brewery City Pizza has a full menu with unique, mouthwatering fare. Perhaps the brewmaster or the meathead from the original menu are the lunch or dinner you are looking for. The Spartacus with its garlic herb cream cheese sauce or the Athenian with its sun-dried tomato pesto are a couple of pizzas from the specialty menu. You can even design your own pizza with a gluten free or cauliflower crust. They also have calzones, salads, burgers and wraps. Learn more about meal choices and specials at the Brewery City Pizza website.

Sufura’s Mediterranean Cuisine

4160 Sixth Avenue SE Unit 103, Lacey

A great lunch or dinner stop is Sufura’s Mediterranean Cuisine. They have pita bread sandwiches, gyros, wraps and burgers, all made with beef, lamb or chicken. For something more filling and maybe a dinner, try the gyro shawarma platter made of chopped shawarma meat with grilled vegetables and served with rice. This dish also includes falafels, dolmas, salad and a choice of cheese or spinach pie. If you are looking for gluten free options, Sufura’s entrees include many. The grilled meat shawarma rice entree, combo kababs, Piraeus prawns, and a couple of lamb dishes are all gluten free. Meatless meals include Greek salad with kalamata olives, pepperoncini and feta cheese.

Don’t forget to grab one of Safura’s tasty desserts. They have a variety of baklava choices. Try the bird’s nest made of filo dough with honey, pistachios, walnuts and cashews wrapped up inside. Their borma is made of stringy dough that is twisted around chopped nuts. Learn more at the Safura’s Mediterranean Cuisine website.


downtown Lacey-Restaurant miso bowls
MiSo offers a range of protein choices, vegetable toppings and sauces that can be combined in a bowl, a Nori wrap or in a tortilla. Photo courtesy: MiSo

4514 Lacey Boulevard SE

At MiSo in Lacey, fast food is driven by healthy ingredients. Their quick, four step method of creating your lunch or dinner will have nutritious food in your hand in a short amount of time. The matrix of possible combinations is extensive, and you could choose a new arrangement every time. First, choose either a bowl, salad, Nori wrap or a tortilla wrap. Next, choose your protein. They have choices like roasted or curry chicken, steak, Ahi tuna, crab salad or a gluten free veggie protein. Then choose fresh greens, vegetables, corn slaw, kimchi, cheese or avocado. To finish your creation, choose your sauce. MiSo’s sauce list includes creamy sesame, sweet teriyaki, cucumber wasabi and chipotle mayo, just as a few examples. If you would rather try an already designed rendition, try the signature menu for dishes like the Seahawk, Sumo or Seoulmate.

MiSo also offers individually packed catering orders that they deliver as well as a family pack meal that feeds about five or six. If you plan to bring home dinner for the whole bunch, this might be a good choice for a buffet-style meal. Learn more at the MiSo website.

Bangkok Thai

700 Sleater Kinney Road SE Suite C2

Another Lacey restaurant to get a bite is Bangkok Thai. This popular restaurant offers a full menu with the right balance in flavors. Not only will you find creativity and variety, but healthy choices too. Bangkok Thai does not add MSG to their food, a number of dishes are gluten free, and they can customize your meal to be vegan if you would like.

You will find familiar categories of your favorite appetizers, soups and salads, rice dishes, curries, noodles and entrees with jasmine or brown rice. The pad peow wanh rice dish is incredible, with sweet and sour sauce, onion, pineapple, carrots, mushrooms, tomato, bell pepper and cilantro, along with your choice of meat. Bangkok Thai offers vegetarian items like the Rama garden, a stir fry of mixed veggies with peanut sauce, or the green bean stir fried dish with tofu peanut sauce and basil. Learn more about their menu choices and customer testimonials at the Bangkok Thai website.

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