Melanie Bakala’s Community Bucks Program Continues to Support Struggling Nonprofits During Pandemic

Melanie Bakala State Farm Community Bucks
Chris was given $100 to donate to an organization that was important to him. In addition to the donation, the organization receives additional support from Bakala State Farm through the community bucks program. Photo courtesy: Melanie Bakala State Farm

It’s been a challenging year for nonprofits. According to a November 2020 University of Washington study, statewide, nonprofit funding has shrunk by 29.5% while demand for their services has gone up by 10.2%. Simulation models found that between 8 and 25% of U.S. nonprofits could be forced to close their doors within the next 24 months.

Melanie Bakala State Farm Head Shot
Melanie Bakala has been offering the Community Bucks program for local nonprofits and has continued through the pandemic, when it has been more important than ever. Photo courtesy: Melanie Bakala State Farm

Melanie Bakala is aware of the problem and working to do something about it. At both of her State Farm offices in Lacey and Shelton, anyone can call for a free quote and if they refer to the organization she is supporting that month through her Community Bucks program, she’ll donate $25. This is in addition to the donation her organization makes.

A recent example is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Washington. “Events are so crucial for nonprofits and this year, I can’t attend their BIG Brunch,” says Bakala. “Instead, we made them our Community Bucks partner of the month. They’re a great organization and I want to support them.” She shares the information via social media and the partner organization does the same.

When people call in for a quote on home, auto or life insurance, they are under no obligation to buy anything but mentioning the name of Big Brothers Big Sisters ensures that the nonprofit will get additional funding. “We just want an opportunity to talk to you and show you how we can protect you,” Bakala explains. “If you decide not to go with us, that’s fine. The $25 still goes to the organization.”

Nonprofits she has previously supported include the Northwest Education Foundation, Crossroads Housing, Homes First, Community Lifeline, the Thurston County Food Bank and Saints’ Pantry.  This offer is only available with Melanie Bakala’s State Farm offices in Lacey and Shelton.

“Typically, we choose one nonprofit every month,” she says. “Usually, I’m supporting these organizations anyway. In December, I wrote checks to the food banks in both Lacey and Shelton. It’s my way of trying to do more.”

To get a quote, call one of Melanie Bakala’s two State Farm offices. Thurston County residents can call the Lacey office at 360.972.7905 or request a quote on their website. Mason County residents can call the Shelton office at 360.426.2428 or request a quote on their website.


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