Submitted by Experience Olympia & Beyond

Forget about Zoom calls and screens; it’s time to rejuvenate and feel inspired through a back-to-basics and unconventional approach to hands-on learning. Throughout the Olympia region, fun, educational and mindfully crafted, one-of-a-kind experiences await. Whether you’re looking to entertain the kids over a long weekend, take a day trip with a spouse or loved one or get outside for some solo adventuring, Experience Olympia & Beyond’s team has put together the ultimate guide to take school on the road at your own pace. The monthly curriculum prepares students (and adults) for a hands-on adventure through reading books about the region’s natural history and watching educational videos. This triad discovery approach is called “Read. Watch. Go.”

To get inspired, parents, teachers and students can visit and click on that month’s Take School on the Road Itinerary. October is Natural History Month and students can dive into ecosystems, download October’s coloring page, get a reading list with age-appropriate book suggestions, and watch short, educational videos. Then it’s time to “go” take school on the road throughout our beautiful and iconic region! Burfoot Park, the Puget Sound Estuarium, Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and Mima Mounds—a site that supports a variety of prairie-dependent birds and butterflies—are all on this month’s ‘Read. Watch. Go.’ Itinerary.

Learn more here on the Experience Olympia & Beyond website.

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