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Where do you like to explore? The mountains, the beach, a pond? What about right outside your front door, or in your backyard? Nature is everywhere! The greatest thing about the outdoors is you can start exploring as soon as you walk outside. The simple action of noticing a small plant growing through the cracks of the sidewalk counts as exploring the outdoors!

An adult and kid exploring a park. Photo courtesy: WET Science Center

This week for WET Science Center’s Rediscovering Science, we’re encouraging you to take a moment to explore your outdoor surroundings. We know being outside enhances science learning. Use your observational skills to study a plant on a walk, or the behavior of a bird at a feeder. Explore the outdoors with our featured activity by pausing to notice something small and creating a sound map. Thurston County residents who complete this activity will be mailed a magnifying glass.

Find science and art activities on the Rediscovering Science page where you can learn to:

  • Be an Olympia Parks Junior Ranger.
  • Make nature paint brushes.
  • Weave with sticks, leaves, and flowers.
  • Discover your backyard ecosystem.
  • Conduct a roly poly science experiment.

Healthy you, healthy parks

Visiting outdoor greenspaces for as little as 20 minutes a day is shown to improve our wellbeing! Take the time to get outside, whether that’s gardening in your backyard, sitting under a neighborhood tree, or visiting your local park. You may be surprised by the difference a few minutes outside can make!

Community line with printed activity packets. Photo courtesy: WET Science Center

Not only do we benefit from our parks, but our parks benefit when we work together to support them. Anyone can be a steward of natural spaces. Take the time to find out how you can help your local park.

Science Packets in our Community
Have you found our printed activity packets in the community? Each week we create printed packets designed for ages 5-12. Find our themed packets at locations in Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater. Email us to find a line near you, or to host one in your area.

Starting this week, visit the outside walkway at the WET Science Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 pm to 5 pm to pick up packets on our outdoor line. We are located in downtown Olympia at 500 Adams St. NE.

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