Health Care isn’t only the practice of medicine. Saint Martin’s University is excited to announce a new opportunity for MBA students and health care professionals with the MBA Health Care Management Concentration and Certificate programs.

Students enrolled in Saint Martin’s University Health Care Management Program will develop skills to prepare them for leadership roles in health care organizations. Photo courtesy: Saint Martins University

The Health Care Management certificate program and MBA Health Care Management concentration will prepare students for careers as medical and health services managers. Students may come into the program from different backgrounds. “We expect some students who have primarily studied business that want to focus their MBA in health care management, “says Dr. Gina Armer, Master of Business Administration program director, “but others may already have careers in healthcare as nurses or other specialties, but they are looking to move into more leadership roles, and this will give them that opportunity.”

“There is demand in the healthcare industry for employment at all levels, so it makes sense that people that have been working in the frontline would seek to move up in managerial positions as their careers progress, and the MBA will help support that,” says Armer. Graduates of the program will be prepared to manage healthcare resources for an organization including personnel, supplies, equipment and service. They will contribute to their organization with skills in data analytics, high-level leadership, and communication, she adds.

Healthcare is a growing industry, and it is 18 percent of the GDP. “It is a major part of our economy, a 3.5 trillion-dollar business, so it’s important to look at it from a business perspective,” says Dr. Richard Onizuka. Onizuka, who was the first CEO for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange and served as Assistant Agency Director for the Washington Health Care Authority, teaches the Health Care Policy and Regulation course, which takes place in the spring to coincide with the Washington State Legislative session. “We follow some bills, so we can learn about the legislative process and see how the policymaking process impacts the healthcare system.”

Classes for the MBA Health Care Management concentration and certificate will be offered Monday through Thursday evening to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. Photo courtesy: Saint Martins University

The courses for the MBA Health Care Management Concentration and Certificate will be held in the evenings on Monday through Thursday to accommodate working students. Those enrolled in the full MBA program can expect to take between 15 months and two years to finish, depending on their course load. The certificate can be completed in about nine months to a year. The five-course certificate program will impart students with in-depth knowledge in health care management and policy. Should they decide to apply for the full MBA program, all the credits will rollover.

Admission for Saint Martin’s University’s MBA in Health Care Management will be processed on a rolling basis. Prospective applicants are encouraged to request information through the Saint Martin’s website or contact the University’s graduate admissions office at 360-412-6128 with questions.


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