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Go outside and look up. What do you know about the sky, stars, and clouds? This week’s 9:00 a.m. Science Time with the WET Science Center is all about “What’s in the Sky.” Monday through Saturday, look for a new activity posted on our Facebook and Instagram. The activities are designed for 3rd through 7th grade and can be done at your own convenience. No telescope is needed! Your powerful observational skills and curiosity will help guide your learning.

What’s in the Sky?

  • Monday – Track the moon cycle. This week you’ll get to see a full moon!
  • Tuesday – How are the sun, moon, and tides connected?
  • Wednesday – Why is the sky blue?
  • Thursday – Create constellations with toilet paper tubes and a flashlight.
  • Friday – Track the sun’s shadows to tell time.
  • Saturday – What can the clouds tell you about the sky?
Raffle prize for What’s in the Sky week. Photo courtesy; WET Science Center

We’d love for you to share the activities you do! Tag us on social media or email info@wetsciencecenter.org. You’ll be entered into this week’s raffle for a Night Sky Guide.

Track your Water Use

The average American family uses 300 gallons of water per day at home! How many gallons of water do you use daily? Practice your math skills and track your total water use for one day with our printable water tracker. The number of gallons may surprise you! Check out the EPA’s “How we Use Water” for insight on saving water and its environmental effects.


Download your own BINGO game on to play with us. Photo courtesy; WET Science Center

We’re still playing our special WET Science Center bingo to get you outdoors and put on your scientist hats. Visit wetsciencecenter.org/bingo for instructions and to get started. Email us at info@wetsciencecenter.org if you’d like a printed version of the bingo card.

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