Thurston County Letter to the Community: COVID-19

Submitted by Thurston County

Dear Thurston County Residents,

We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times. The stakes are high—and the call to action has never been more important. As of April 3, we have 58 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our county with zero deaths. We anticipate more cases and understand that tragedy will not pass us by.

Each of us can do our part to protect the lives of our friends and neighbors. All of Thurston County stands united and committed to protecting our community. Leaders across Thurston County are working together to address the needs of our community. Our response is collaborative and coordinated across jurisdictions. We have confidence in our public health and health care professionals, and are grateful for the dedication they show every day. We know that we are stronger together and are working hard to provide you with every opportunity to protect yourself, your family, and our community.

We ask that you continue to take social distancing guidance seriously. Now is not the time to waver. We must remain committed to protecting each other and to keeping our health care system strong and available for those in need. Please:

  • Stay home, unless you have essential needs
  • Do not have social gatherings in your home
  • If you must go out, remain 6 feet away from others
  • Do not allow your children or teenagers to meet up with friends or play in groups
  • If you are sick, isolate yourself
  • If you are in medical distress, call 911, but if you want a medical opinion regarding being tested for COVID-19, contact your health care provider or the Providence St. Peters hotline: 360-486-6800
  • WASH YOUR HANDS with soap and water often and well
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Try not to touch your face
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces often (doorknobs, phone surfaces, keyboards, counters)
  • Social separation doesn’t have to mean social isolation. Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors by phone, email, or through other technologies.
  • Take care of yourself.  Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and go for a walk or exercise at home.

We have resources for you now:

We know this is a difficult and stressful time for everyone. This disease is impacting every aspect of our lives and there are still many uncertainties. Know that we are working for you. We will do everything we can to provide you with answers and resources as they become available. We need one another, now more than ever. If we are going to defeat this virus, we must remain vigilant and committed to slowing this disease, together.

County Commission Chair, John Hutchings Mayor Andy Ryder, City of Lacey
County Commission Vice- Chair, Tye Menser Mayor Cheryl Selby, City of Olympia
County Commissioner, Gary Edwards Mayor Pete Kmet, City of Tumwater
Mayor JW Foster, City of Yelm
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