Shortage of Hand Sanitizer Prompts Local Distillery to Meet the Need Due to COVID-19


Submitted by Sandstone Distillery

An unprecedented shortage of hand sanitizer due to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in distilleries across the country stepping up to meet the need, including local distillers John and Justin Bourdon of Sandstone Distillery.

Hearing of the looming shortage, the Sandstone team swiftly responded, shifting production from their craft spirits to that of ultra high-proof alcohol, a critical component in hand sanitizer. The team will soon make 3-oz bottles available to the community at no charge.

“These are really crazy times,” says owner John Bourdon. “There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty, and we’re just glad we can help meet this critical need.” Bourdon, who was recently honored with the Lacey Chamber’s Community Service Award, said he’s been hearing about people trying to make their own sanitizer out of somewhat questionable ingredients. “You can’t just mix up vodka and aloe vera, people. There’s a science to it, and it has to be right in order to be effective. We’re following the World Health Organization formulation for sanitizing handrub very strictly.”

In addition to the 3-oz bottles, Sandstone Distillery is working in tandem with several State agencies’ Emergency Operations Commands, producing sufficient quantities to replenish their diminishing stores.

“This is what community is all about. Nobody’s happy with the current situation,” Bourdon says, “but we’re all in this together. People need to stop being ugly, quit fighting over shopping carts and toilet paper, and find ways to show a little love and help their neighbors out.”

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