Views of Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound await you. Paddleboarding in Lacey affords some spectacular views. If you don’t own a SUP, no worries, you can rent paddleboards in Lacey to enjoy a day on the water. So, grab a picnic lunch and head to one of the following paddleboard launch sites in Lacey.

Long Lake Park

  • Paddleboarding in Lacey Tolmia State Park Washington
    Paddleboarding in Lacey if fun on the several local lakes. Photo credit: NorthAmericaTalk

    Address: 2790 Carpenter Rd SE, Lacey

  • Launch Site: Paddleboards launch from the south side of Long Lake, near the swimming area and lifeguard shack.
  • Cost: Those bringing their own paddleboard can launch at no cost. There are also paddleboard rentals available for rent onsite from Northwest Paddle Surfers. SUP rentals at Long Lake cost $25 per hour and $40 for two hours for a single stand up paddleboard.
  • Parking: Located on the top of the Park’s hill, day parking can be found in the Long Lake Park lot.
  • Along the way: On the north side of the lake, views of natural wetland areas are a highlight in addition to Kirby Island, located in the middle of Long Lake.
  • Reservations: Paddleboard reservations are highly recommended a day in advance and can be made on the Northwest Paddle Surfers website.

Tolmie State Park

  • Address: 7730 61st Ave NE, Olympia
  • Launch Site: When paddleboarding from Tolmie State Park, there isn’t a specific launch site. Beginning in the lower parking lot, a path leads straight to the park beach, where stand up paddleboards can be placed in the water.
  • Cost: There is no cost to launch a paddleboard off of the Tolmie State Park beach, but either a daily or annual Discover Pass is required to park in the Tolmie parking lots.
  • Parking: Parking at Tolmie is limited. When paddleboarding from Tolmie, it is recommended to start the day early and to visit the park on a weekday, if possible. This is a popular park, it is typical to unload in the lower parking lot, then park in Tolmie’s second upper parking lot.
  • Along the way: Right around the bend from Tolmie State Park is the Nisqually Reach Nature Center and adjacent boat launch, operated by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. If monitoring the Puget Sound tides and currents, the route to the nature center can be a beautiful view for paddleboarders.
  • Reservations: No reservations necessary to launch a paddleboard at Tolmie State Park.

Wanschers Community Park at Hicks Lake

  • Paddleboarding in Tolmia State Park Lacey Washington
    The whole family will enjoy a day on the water paddleboarding in Lacey, Washington. Photo credit: NorthAmericaTalk

    Address: 2606 Hicks Lake Road SE, Lacey (corner of 25th Avenue SE and Hicks Lake Avenue SE)

  • Launch Site: The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife operates a boat launch on the west shore of Hicks Lake, near Wanschers Community Park.
  • Cost: There is no cost for launching a paddleboard into the WDFW boat launch.
  • Parking: Day parking can be found in the Wanschers Community Park parking lot.
  • Along the way: Hicks Lake features views of Mount Rainier and Wanschers Community Park offers 16 acres of woodland trails and shoreline along Hicks Lake.
  • See also: The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife also operates a boat launch located on Pattison Lake, so interested paddleboarders can explore the lake located just outside of Lacey.


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