Getting a Brazilian Wax for the first time is a big deal. It’s an intimate process that involves someone you just met, and you’ve been warned by all your friends about how painful it is. Well guess what? That’s not how they roll at Olympia Wax Bar.

Olympia Wax Bar has a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Photo credit: Stacey Jurss

If you’re a waxing first timer, of course you will be hesitant and a little nervous, but you will be surprised to find out they make the process more easy-going and comfortable than you could ever imagine. Sure, it may feel uncomfortable at first, but the pain literally lasts no longer than 2 seconds. And that 2 seconds of pain give you a month of smooth and silky skin! In other words, it’s totally worth it. Ladies, can I get an amen?

Here’s the low-down of what to expect:

First, you’re going to walk in and a lovely waxing professional will greet you and check you in. Then, you will wait no longer than a few minutes before your waxing expert will walk you to your private spa room, adorned with soft welcoming tones and impeccably clean tables and instruments. You’ll have enough time to go to the restroom ahead of time to freshen up, or take big deep breaths to calm the nerves! But, it will be okay.

When you’re left alone in the room, you’ll have the chance to remove your clothes from the waist down, and make yourself comfortable by laying down on the waxing table – which is actually pretty comfortable and you could totally take a nap there, just sayin’. You’ll be provided with clean, fresh linens to cover yourself up while you listen to carefully curated tunes, selected to set your mind at ease.

Your waxing pro will come in the room when you are ready to go.

Their staff are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, so prepare to feel comfortable and at home. Photo credit: Stacey Jurss

Their staff are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, so prepare to feel comfortable and at home. You’ll may even confess a few of your deepest-darkest secrets. As Pamalee, Olympia Wax Bar owner and brazillian extraordinaire shares, “The pants come off, the secrets come out”! You’ll end up in a great conversation, so by the time the wax is over, you’ll be like “What?! This just happened?”

During the session your technician will explain how she uses a combination of soft wax and hard wax to achieve the best results possible, or if you prefer sugaring, they offer that as well. She will guide you to selecting the process that is most effective for you.

More effective = less time on the table = less painful! #BOOM

After your waxing technician has removed all unwanted hair, you are going to be left with soft and silky smooth skin. You’re going to notice your happiness rise immediately. You’re also going to notice a significant increase in confidence. These are the side-effects of a Brazilian Wax. Think you’re ready for it?

After care is important and Olympia Wax Bar has you covered there too! Photo credit: Stacey Jurss

They’ll treat the skin with healing cream to help speed up the recovery process. Then, you get dressed, pay and you’re ready to conquer the world! They have a variety of at home care products to keep your skin smooth until your next wax. And remember, Brazilians should be done every four-six weeks, with no shaving or tweezing between appointments. Leave it to the professionals!

Scheduling is so easy! You can do it directly on the Olympia Wax Bar website.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently they provide their waxes. You’re going to have an amazing experience! You’re going to come back for more!


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