Ideal Lifestyle Center Helps Local Law Enforcement get Healthy with Ideal Protein

Sometimes it’s when you’ve done everything you think you can, that an unexpected solution just falls into your lap. For Kimberly Flowers, she never dreamed she’d find the solution to her weight loss goals at her chiropractor’s office. “I had tried basically every diet under the sun,” she explains. “You name it, I had tried it. But I figured I might as well try one more. And within 10 months I had lost 100 pounds.” The program Kim found at Tumwater Chiropractic Center was Ideal Protein and it’s changed much more in her life than just her dress size.

Ideal Protein Kimberly Flowers
Ideal Lifestyle Coach Kimberly Flowers lost more than 100 pounds on the program herself. Photo courtesy: Ideal Lifestyle Center

The medically-supervised, decades-old program, Ideal Protein was originally created by a doctor for Olympic athletes to help them preserve their lean body mass. But it was soon discovered this solution could really help anyone achieve their weight loss goals. “It’s a low fat, low carb, ketogenic diet, which means the body uses its reserves of fat for its energy instead of carbohydrates,” Kim shares. “We use our Ideal Protein meal replacements to make up the balance of your meals then you have vegetables and lean protein on top of that.”

Because whole food groups are eliminated, clients on Ideal Protein are required to also take daily supplements to make up for the loss and are medically monitored closely. “When you do this program, you are just eating less and your brain starts to think that less is enough because these foods actually fill you up,” she adds. “And once you’re in ketosis, a specific metabolic state, you’re never hungry. You have more energy because your body has its fat reserves to go to.” And the pre-packaged food options look and sound amazing. With more than eighty different delicious foods to choose from, it’s easy to not get bored and stick with the program, without breaking the bank either.

Because of her own personal success, it was an easy fit for Kim to become a health coach at the Ideal Lifestyle Center. The coaches are the key to providing support and keeping you accountable, whether you have over a hundred pounds to lose or just that stubborn last twenty. “You have somebody who really cares about how you’re doing and they monitor you and keep you moving towards your goal.” For local law enforcement officer Ray Brady, it was exactly what he needed to make some serious life changes. “I had been worried about my increasing weight for years,” he shares. “My doctor actually suggested Ideal Protein after he had success with it himself.”

Helping Law Enforcement Stay Healthy

Ideal Protein Ray Ideal Protein Before
Before Ray started the Ideal Protein program he weighed more than 300 pounds. Photo courtesy: Ideal Lifestyle Center

Thanks to the Healthy Badge Program, it was even easier for Ray to get started.  Through Healthy Badge, any law enforcement officer gets a discount at the Ideal Lifestyle Center on the startup costs and they donate $25 to Brotherhood for the Fallen. “I think it is important for all of our first responders to be healthy and I’m so glad that I did this for myself, but am even more excited to help other people get healthy,” says Ray.

When he started the program, he weighed in at 333 pounds and in just eight months had lost 135 pounds. “I found the program to be really simple to follow and I never found myself being really hungry. It also taught me how to eat healthy after being done with the program,” Ray shares. And the health effects really can’t be beat. “My blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar have improved dramatically,” he adds. “I sleep better and have way more constant energy throughout the day.”

For Kim, Healthy Badge hits close to home, as she worked for many years with law enforcement agencies and her office is one of the only ones to participate in Washington state. “A lot of the officers and their wives are doing it together,” Kim shares. “It’s kind of been the ripple effect after Ray’s success, and it’s very exciting.”

Ideal Protein Ray Ideal Protein After
Ray Brady says not only did he lose weight, but his blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are all at better levels now. Photo courtesy: Ideal Lifestyle Center

Because she sees her clients so often, it’s no surprise Kim says they are the best part of her job and what keeps her going. “Everybody that comes in I just see a shadow of myself in them and I can really understand and relate to their struggles,” she adds. “It’s so rewarding to see them come from that first place of despair and desperation, to when they leave and have met their goals. They are walking on air and feeling amazing.”

To find out more about the Ideal Protein program visit an Ideal Lifestyle Center. You can also attend a free educational seminar held each week on Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in Tumwater and Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in Olympia. Please RSVP via their website.

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