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I always love the fall. The change of season brings about nature’s stunning displays of Autumn colors. Our wardrobes change to include cozy sweaters, scarves and warm boots. We also fall in love with everything pumpkin! We even see dietary changes, enjoying comfort foods like hearty soups. Why then do we not change our skincare? Skin is our largest organ and the one that faces the outer elements, as well as the skin on our face as the most exposed.

At Omni Esthetics we love everything skin and even have pumpkin in some of our skin care. Investing in good skincare is investing in a lifetime of beautiful skin. The cooler season often brings changes in our skin. Our internal environments get dryer from heating and the cooler air outside can wreck havoc on our skin. Many of us cease to use sunblock thinking that the harmful rays are gone. Not true. So what should one do? Getting a skin analysis by a reputable esthetician to evaluate your skincare and access any changes that might be necessary to preserve and maintain the beauty of your skin. And why continue to wear sunblock? The 2 main rays that affect us are UVA & UVB. While the UVB rays diminish with the season change the UVA rays do not. UVA is responsible for the damage that we incur over a lifetime of exposure as well as skin cancer. So always protect.

The change of season is also a good time to get a facial . A great facial is wonderful way to revitalize skin and erase any damage that might have occurred during time in the sun. There are many kinds of facials and they can be tailored to address individual needs. Many do not realize that skin damage to an extent can be reversed with proper treatment.  Another outcome of having a facial is that it increases the effectiveness of your skincare at home. Invest in the skin that you are in!

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