Buying and consuming Sassy Seafood’s products is always an easy choice because it’s inarguably the best tasting tuna around, but it’s also the best choice because Sassy Seafood is synonymous with sustainability.

Each can of Sassy Seafood Wild Pacific Albacore tuna proudly wears the blue MSC badge of sustainability. Photo courtesy: Sassy Seafood

The Reeves and Cain families built Sassy Seafood on the values and practices that define sustainability. Sustainability, in the fishing industry, refers to the maintenance of ecological balance. It’s an active avoidance of practices that promote depletion and a commitment to practices that revitalize the economies and living systems within each fishery.

“In our work,” shares Libie Cain, “sustainability means longevity. Fishermen face a common, but inaccurate, stigma that all we do is take and take. The reality is that no one fights harder for the oceans than the fishermen. We depend of the health of our fisheries to feed our families that is why we work so hard to keep them thriving and healthy.”

You may not have realized it, but with every purchase of Sassy Seafood you are giving back to the world and our communities in really big ways.

You are Preserving and Protecting Ocean Ecosystems

Sassy Seafood is Sustainable Fresh Tuna
Sustainability is about protecting and preserving our ocean fisheries so they can be enjoyed by this generation and beyond. Photo courtesy: Sassy Seafood

There are many ways to catch a fish and the reality is that some methods are better than others when it comes to preserving the natural habitats under our seas. Sassy Seafood understands this. They catch their Wild Pacific Albacore tuna hook and line, one a time using small barbless hooks, called jigs, that are slowly dragged behind the fishing vessels that they own and captain, Mistress and Betty Lee III. This method is called trolling and is considered to be one of the most sustainable because of its minimal impact on the ocean environment.

At the end of each season, Sassy Seafood takes their commitment to sustainability one step farther, partnering with other Pacific Northwest fishing families and businesses to clean up any left behind gear.  This seemingly simple act is a show of respect for the ocean and its inhabitants.

“Just like in agriculture, we farm, but our field is the ocean,” explains Libie. “It’s our job to be the best stewards of the ocean so we have the privilege to continue farming there.”

You are Setting an Industry Standard

Consumers drive the market place. What we demand is what we get.  When you buy from local fishermen, like Sassy Seafood, and when you ask restaurants and grocers where their seafood comes from, you send a message that sustainability is not just possible, but important and necessary.

Sassy Seafood Mistress and Betty Lee III
Maintaining the health of their fishery is important to Sassy Seafood because it is their livelihood and the only way they can attain their goal of providing our communities, and the world, with fresh, healthy seafood. Photo courtesy: Sassy Seafood

Seafood is considered sustainable when caught by fishermen who operate under sustainable fishery management systems. U.S. Law dictates that seafood be caught according to fishery management plans that consider social and economic outcomes for the respective fishing communities, prevent overfishing, rebuild depleted stocks, minimize bycatch and interaction with protected species and identify and conserve fish habitats.

Each can of Sassy Seafood wears the distinguished blue label of sustainability. This label is a sign of the highest certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and is an indication that the fishery the catch originated from is a pioneer in the marine environment conservation movement. The MSC seal of sustainability serves both as recognition and reward for fisheries who practice sustainability.

Sassy Seafood can also be found as a Best Choice pick in Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Consumer Guide. This is in thanks to the many Northwest fishermen who have worked tirelessly, for generations, to protect North Pacific Albacore tuna stock. Because of them, our corner of the ocean remains healthy and full.

“Sustainability,” added Libie, “is supported through traceability. We know exactly where each tuna came from and where it is headed next. We are involved in every step of the process, from the catch to the packaging, to passing it on to you, the consumer. Sustainability is achieved through this active involvement by the fishermen and active involvement by you when you chose to buy our products.”

To most of us, the sea seems limitless. We look ahead and see only horizon. We consider its depths and know only what we can imagine.

Sassy Seafood Flavors
When we take care of the oceans they take care of us in the form of yummy seafood treats. Sassy Seafood loves sharing new flavor combinations for us to enjoy. Photo courtesy: Sassy Seafood

If you haven’t already, make the switch to certified sustainable seafood. This one simple choice allows our coastal communities to thrive economically, maintains and replenishes our aquatic communities and results in more delicious and healthy food for you and your family.

You can find and order all of our delicious products on the Sassy Seafood website or place a phone order on our product order line at 360-593-6769. We can also be found at the following locations: Union City Market on Hood Canal, Bay Mercantile on Olympia’s west side, and Grayland Beach Outfitters in Grayland on the south beach. Also look for us on the menu at Alderbrook Resort & Spa, Dillinger’s Bar in downtown Olympia and St. Andrews House in Union.

Visit the Sassy Seafood website to learn more about Sassy Seafood, their products and their role in the sustainable seafood movement.


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